Muscle in the Media

I saw a thread on a Singaporean forum and the topic was “Why do guys like to workout so much??” and well, my answer is, it’s because of the media!

Yup, muscle is portrayed in everyday games, movies and tv.

Let’s check out our famous brothers of iron!

Street Fighter

The Russian wrestler, Zangief.

Fei Long, the Hong Kong Kung Fu actor. Reminds you of someone in real life?

Disclaimer: Fabodylous doesn’t condone hitting ladies.. unless it’s in Street Fighter 4.

Ryu says, “Check out my biceps development!”

Who says only the guys have muscles? I bet Chun-Li can squat 500lbs!


Who knows? It might be Jay Cutler under that mask!


For your information, Brandon Routh gained 20lbs of muscle for his role as Superman in Superman Returns.


And here we have real life examples…


John Cena

And oh look! Triple H has his own training book!

The Incredible Hulk

All I need is some green paint and viola!

I say, “Hey dude, no offence, but your chest development is lagging behind your other bodyparts”.

Hulk says,

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2 thoughts on “Muscle in the Media

  1. gay? no way! i wanna be big like these guys and I'm 100% straight. I know lotsa young boys and big boys who wanna be like them too. I hope they are not gay. Haha. So, whether it's green or not, aim high, train hard!

  2. Haha…

    Is it wrong or gay to want to aim to be like them? A bit saddening..

    Granted I don't aim to be.. say green, for example.

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