The Mr Kuala Lumpur 2010 Experience

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My 20th June started early, at 6am. Oh wait. No. Actually, it started at 2am, 3am and 5am. That’s because I kept waking up the night before the event. From nervousness and excitement, of course. At 5am, I woke up and decided to take a look at my condition in the mirror and OMG I was DDRRRYYYY!! Veins were popping out on my abs all the way to my chest. I was thinking, “Oh yeah, the title is MINE!”.

Things changed when I woke up at 6am. My stomach started to ache intensely. I was very thirsty from not drinking water for the event (yes guys, that’s what bodybuilders do to remove that layer of water beneath our skin to look better on stage). After walking down to my kitchen for a glass of water, I had to crawl up the stairs to my bed and continue to bear the pain.

The pain lasted until 9am, where thank goodness mom had some carbon pills which helped with the diarrhea. And after washing down 2kg of my weight into the toilet, I can AT LEAST stand and walk. But by then, it was already 9.15am. Plus, all that dryness I saw in the mirror earlier on – was GONE!! I had to skip my breakfast, bathe (so to those who met me that day and thought that I stink, this is why) and sped like a madman from Kepong to Mutiara Damansara to fetch my girlfriend and her dad and finally to Wisma OCM at Jalan Hang Jebat. And I reached Wisma OCM at 9.50am! We were early! P.S. To my Singaporean readers who have no clue about KL geography, that’s like from Clementi to City Hall to Pasir Ris… I think.

It was great meeting so many familiar faces at the event – Kimberley, Terry Gallyot, Wong Hong, Wen Hao, Edmond, Kamarul, Shamsul, Ady, Justin, Samantha, Atdric, Vincent. Unlike previous competitions in Malaysia (my last one was in 2008), I was constantly around people I know, which helped a lot.

After registering and weighing in, my girlfriend and I were chillin’ with James and his friends right before I pumped up myself and started applying Dream Tan. I took 8 capsules (double servings!) of A-Bomb before pumping up to help bring out the most pump possible. Thank goodness it helped me regain some muscle size after losing so much weight.

Ok, so let’s fast forward to the exciting part – when I’m up on stage.

My category had six guys in it. And if you’ve not noticed, I’m the only Chinese guy up on stage. Hahaha! Thank goodness for Dream Tan (artificial tan cream)!

So here are some photos of my category.

Standing out from the crowd

The top 3

The eventual winner of my category, Amir bin Omar. He won because of his superior chest, abs and deeply defined quads. But many say that I have the superior back, hamstrings and conditioning. 😀

Azwan bin Mazlan, the third placer in my category. He was the winner of the same category at last year’s Mr Kuala Lumpur. This year, he was defeated by two newcomers. Talk about increase in competitiveness!

In this contest, free posing routines are done before callouts.

So here is my posing routine.

Oohhhh yes! That’s Justin Bieber’s Baby. Muahahahaha!!! I love that song, k?! Ok, probably right now in your eyes, my level of masculinity has dropped to negative levels. But I had fun! Hahaha!! Could you hear the reaction from the crowd when the song starts?

However, the DJ stopped my song prematurely. Hmm… I wonder why. Maybe he’s not a big Justin Bieber fan.

And guess what? I was nominated as one of the finalists for The Best Poser award! But too bad, I didn’t know and I did not stay back until the end of the show to contest for it. If I did, who knows what could have happened? 😀

Well, after the posing round, it’s time for callouts. Now, let me admit something, I used to SUCK BAD AT PRE-CONTEST PREPARATION. But this time, I worked extra hard to make sure I got every detail right and with the help of some of my bodybuilder friends, especially those from Singapore, I finally dialed in my conditioning. So, I used to never get in the first callout. But this time… the announcer went..

“(translated from Malay) Will the following contestants please kindly step forward for the first callout. Number 2… 3… and *adjust specs* … 5 (me!).” Phew!

There was only one callout. Probably because the judges have already made up their minds.

And now it’s posedown time! And maybe the DJ changed his mind about Justin Bieber. Because for the posedown music, he chose to play “Baby” again! Hahaha!

So… Time for the moment we’ve been waiting for. At this point, I knew I was in top 3, but not sure exactly what position I’ll get. After the 6th, 5th and 4th place announcement, time slowed down. And the announcer went, “And, in third place is… Number 3!” Phew! I’m in the top 2! And of course, the big one was when I was announced 2nd place. I turned to the guy who just defeated me, Amir, to congratulate him but he was jumping in joy so I couldn’t!

So here’s the end of my journey. Although I just got 2nd, it’s not too bad for a sick guy. Many people from the audience told me that Omar and I were in a league of our own and that first place is clearly only between both of us. Oh well, I’m pretty content with that comment.

Congratulations to Iwan Setiawan for winning the overall Champ of Champions title!

And also to Sam Adnan who won the Most Muscular award!

And lastly to Azwan “Kai Greene” Razali for being the best poser!

For more photos and videos of the other categories, check out

For their videos, click here.

For their photos, click here.

Oh, by the way, the guys behind Tegap are Shamsul and Ady.

Here’s a photo of Shamsul and I.

And another with Ady.

Both of them have been going around Malaysia to cover events such as these FOR FREE. And they are doing a damn great job! So go to their Youtube channel and Facebook fanpage and join/subscribe to them to show support to our unofficial Malaysian Bodybuilding Media Team!

And thanks the people who came to support me and help me with the photos!

First thanks goes out to my baby, Pei Xin who was with me throughout the whole event. And her dad too. Sorry for making you wait around the whole day, uncle! Then there’s Edmund, Nicholas and Abel from Magnum Neutraceuticals (whose supplements helped me get ripped for Mr KL), who drove allllll the way down from Singapore to KL to support me.

Thank you to Sandy and Melville for helping James and I with the photos! And also to Wen Hao and Queenie for your support!

Lastly, to Shukri of Malaysia Muscle for providing several photos for this post. You can check out his website by clicking here.

And just fyi, I joined the Men’s Open 65-70kg Category too. Now, the guys in this category are huge and have compacted a lot of muscle on their frame. So, I already expected to have my ass kicked. I didn’t expect to win so I drank lots of water and Coke right before the judging to quench my thirst. What’s the use of joining then, right?

Because James here just turned 21 and just missed his chance of joining the juniors. So, to make him not look too bad, I joined his category too… and we got our asses kicked together! Hahaha!

Ok, so, the competition’s over. What’s next?


I’m so lucky that Mr. KL coincides with my little cousin’s birthday. So, my uncle is buying us dinner, at Jack’s Place no less!!

Look at the food!!

Pasta, escargot and lime vodka!! I had two plates of pasta. Haha!

Slipper lobsters! And the girl smiling is pretty yummy too! Only available on MY menu. 😀

Mango ice cream with jelly!

And here is the little birthday princess! Princess Mabel! Look at those biceps!

Here’s a photo of me after the pig out. Notice the bulge? I was soooo full that my belly hurts! Hahaha. But it was sweet pain!

So now I’m here, as a second-placer in my category. What should I do to improve my placing?

You wouldn’t believe it but when I was signing up for a Picasa Web Album yesterday, the Anti-Bot Word Verification gave me the answer! Seriously! No joke! Look!

Haha! Looks like I should get more ripped!

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    • Rudi
    • July 3, 2010

    think you might have done even better with your posing by holding your poses longer, which would make you look more confident and less rushed. overall, good work!

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