A Day in Life with Ronnie Coleman

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Eight A.M. Time to meet Ronnie and the Robackers at Indulge At Park, Grand Plaza Park Hotel. When I reached the venue, I laughed to myself when I saw this sign. What a coincidence. Haha.

Yup. Coleman Street. Lol.

For today, breakfast is a buffet with dim sum, pastries, fruits, oatmeal, etc up for choices. So what does a Mr Olympia eat for breakfast?

First, some fruits.

Then eighteen egg whites and some oatmeal.

The restaurant manager was shocked when Ronnie made a special request for the eighteen eggs. I wonder what he thought all that muscle mass was made of. Lol.

It’s funny that even at a classy buffet restaurant with plenty of delicacies and tasty food, Ronnie only eats the basic diet food. I asked him if he’s dieting for any competition. Katya replied on his behalf, “He’s not dieting for anything. This is his lifestyle.”

And after breakfast Ronnie took a full five minutes to take his few dozens of multivitamin tablets. Yup, he still does that.

Ronnie with Terry and Katya Robacker.

And just before we leave, Ronnie said, “Oh look! They have my name right there,” while pointing at the sign at the hotel that says “The Bar at Coleman”. Haha. Yeah buddy. πŸ™‚

After breakfast and some relaxing and chilling, we move on to the next event of the day. And just how did “Big” Ron Coleman travel around the “small” island of Singapore? Well, in style, of course.

Lots of thanks to Performance Motors Ltd, the sole distributor of BMW cars in Singapore, for providing a BMW 740 Li for Ronnie’s transportation needs. Love that car! Fast, smooth and spacious (which is something Ronnie definitely needs!).

The next item on the itinerary is Ronnie guest posing and giving a short speech on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle via exercise and healthy eating. His audience? The students of Stamford Primary School!

If you’re asking why would Ronnie pose and give a talk at a primary school, well, in the words of Terry, “It’s always good to plant a seed in children of this age because one of them might be a professional bodybuilder in the future”. Well said, bro.

Yup, racial harmony day. No making fun of the black guy, kids. Not like you dare or you can anyway. Haha.

Yup, the kids loooooovvvveeee Ronnie. And as you would expect, all the kids’ were jaw-dropped shocked when they saw Ronnie. It’s funny to see little boys flexing their biceps hoping it’ll be as big as Ronnie’s. Well, in time and with hard work, boys.

After that, we headed over to the Black Angus for lunch with Barnabas and Yongquan.

Ronnie loves beef. And I’m talking about American beef. That makes the Black Angus the perfect lunch menu – they serve American beef! I had salmon. Mmmm… Would highly recommend that restaurant.

And in case you’re wondering, Ronnie prefers his beef well done.

After lunch, we traveled to The Gym at Orchard for an interview and photoshoot for Men’s Health, one of my favourite magazines! Awesome! I wonder if I’m in the background of any of their photos. Haha. Part of the interview is on Fabodylous’s Youtube channel. Click here to check it out.

Ronnie and Melvin from SPH.

“Hey Ronnie, may I just squeeze your pecs, just once?”

So after the photoshoot, it’s 3pm – one more hour until today’s seminar. What do we do until then? Take pictures!

Here’s Katya with Mr Singapore 2007, Sasikumar and the giant on the right (I know many of you are wondering who is he) is Alex Betts, Mr North East Britain 2010.

Katya with Barnabas and Yongquan, the pretty boys.

Ronnie and I. See, I’m not that much smaller than him. I’m just a tiny little itsy bitsy 60kg lighter than him!

When taking this photo, Terry jokes, “Hey Ronnie, wait until I show your wife this photo of you with a woman having her hands around you.”

And Ronnie goes, “Haha! Oh, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

We all burst into laughter. Ronnie continues, “At exhibition sometimes, some girls will be kissin’ and huggin’ me, all while my wife sits right beside me.”

Terry replied, “They hug you? How do they even get their arms all the way around you?”

Ronnie, “Oh, they can’t get it all the way around, but they try. Yeap, they try reealll hard.”


And after that, we chill. During this time, Ronnie had time to open up and joke with us. Usually, it’s hard to get some private time because people are always coming up to him, asking for a photo or autograph. If they don’t, they’ll be staring at Ronnie anyway, wondering what they are seeing is of this world.

As you can see, Ronnie is reading a car magazine. And he was like, “What?! An Audi costs $230’000 here? Thats waaaayyyyyy too much for an Audi. Back home, it costs more like $60’000.” Welcome to Singapore, Ronnie!

No, I did not get Ronnie pissed or anything (or I won’t be here blogging for you. Haha.). It’s just that he’s not ready for the camera. But this photo has been very popular on the forums with many people giving it all kinds of captions. Haha. I’ll blog about that next time.

After awhile, people began flooding the gym for the training session with Ronnie. The training session was in an informal setting. Everyone just observes the way Ronnie trains and in between exercises, they can ask Ronnie about anything.

Today, Ronnie is training chest and triceps. First exercise up was the dumbbell bench press.

Here’s Ronnie warming up with dumbbells most of us will use for shrugs.

Adrian Tan, Mr Singapore 2006 and owner of The Gym At Orchard, will be assisting Ronnie for today’s workout.

And finally, Ronnie presses the heaviest dumbbells in Singapore – 60kg dumbbells!

Earlier today, Ronnie was like, “What’s the heaviest dumbbells they have here?”

I went, “60kgs.”

Ronnie, “Only 60kgs? Dayyumm!! I’ll be doing high reps today then.”

Yup, you heard that. ONLY 60kgs.

After a short rest, Ronnie did incline dumbbell presses.

And look! It’s a Ronnie Coleman Incline Dumbbell Press GIF!!

And lastly for lower chest, Ronnie did decline dumbbell bench presses.

And time for questions.

The videos of a few questions during the Q&A session are on Fabodylous’ Youtube Channel. Click here to view them.

Next, Ronnie did some triceps. I shall just leave you with the photos for this part.

There’s something to learn here about Ronnie’s training routine. Ronnie prefers free weights over machines. Not that he shuns machines (which will be using in the next seminar session), but free weights are always the best at building muscles. Now’s the time for the the part everyone’s waiting for! Shirt off, officer Ronnie Coleman!

ronnie coleman

Yup, King Ronnie Coleman still has it!!

Phew! Finally it’s time to sit back and relax. Tonight, Terry is bringing us (Ronnie and a few other PAA members) to watch Martial Combat 2010 (an MMA event)!

Now, imagine this. Among us who attended the event were Ronnie Coleman, Sasi (Mr Singapore 2007) and Alex Betts (Mr North East Britain 2010). And the seats were close to each other. Now, with these guys side by side each other,


Well, thank goodness there were some seats in front that were empty. So I jumped right on them.

This was the first MMA event, that I’ve attended and WOW!! It’s my first time seeing someone punching another person’s face and blood splattered all over the ground! Ok, I know, I sound sadistic. But it’s cool!

Oh my goodness! Look! It’s round one! πŸ˜€

And that’s it for the day. Thank you Terry and Katya for organizing this whole event and letting me be a part of it! And thank you Ronnie, Barnabas, Sasi, Alex, Shi Hui and everyone else whom I’ve met that day for being such great company! πŸ˜€

I hereby declare that this is one of the happiest and most memorable day of my life!

P.s. This is the end of day one. Day two is coming up soon! So stay tuned to Fabodylous, Asia’s Top Bodybuilding and Fitness Blog! If you don’t wanna miss the next one, bookmark/subscribe to us! Anyone intending to use any photos here for their own website, sure, go ahead BUT remember, be nice and post a link that comes right back here.

So, what would you do with Ronnie Coleman if you get to spend an entire day with him? Or if not Ronnie, which bodybuilder would you like to have a chance to meet? Put your answers in the comments section!

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2 comments on “A Day in Life with Ronnie Coleman”

    • Anonymous
    • November 15, 2011

    Having Stayed injury free for most of his career his training tips would be extremely useful. Must have been awesome to meet one of only two men on this planet to hold the Olympia title 8 times! Awesome stuff. πŸ™‚

    • Gerald
    • August 23, 2010

    I would train legs with him!!! Or with Kai Greene! πŸ˜€

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