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A few days ago, I was invited to try out the Power Plate! No, it’s NOT a cooking utensil. πŸ˜€ It’s an exercise equipment. One very special exercise equipment, that is.

The Power Plate is a vibrating platform that you could perform exercises on. This vibration provides an unfamiliar stimulation to your muscles. With each vibration the body is forced to perform reflexive muscle actions, 25 to 50 times per second. The net result is an incredible improvement in force production, or strength and power. For a more detailed explanation of the Power Plate’s technology and how it could benefit you, click here!

Now let’s skip straight to the training session that I had with Nick, the only certified Power Plate Master Trainer in Malaysia! I had three training sessions with Nick, so you’ll see a couple photos here of me wearing different shirts and training different parts. No photoshop trick anywhere!

Here’s Nick and I with the Power Plate Pro5.

With the Power Plate, I was able to train my muscles via static positions. Even when I’m not moving, the vibration forces my muscles to contract and therefore trains it. In this photo, Nick is putting me through a set of static shoulder exercise.

And we also performed a back exercise on the Power Plate.

Yes, that measly 25kg barbell looks way too light to train my strongest body part, my back. BUT IT DID WORK THE HELL OUT OF IT!! Again, that’s what’s so cool about the Power Plate – it makes even light work more effective at training your body.

On the third day, I decided to bring along a friend too. Everyone, say hi to Ken!

Here’s Nick putting Ken through a shoulder exercise.

Even push ups are made super difficult using the Power Plate!

And here’s Ken performing a back exercise. Again, no movement, but lots of muscle stimulation!

Nick says, “Worship the Power Plate!”. Nah, I’m just kidding. This is actually a stretching exercise for the shoulder.

Stretching on the Power Plate actually increases your flexibility a lot more than stretching on the ground. And I don’t mean just slightly! After stretching my hamstrings on the Power Plate, I was like, wow, what a difference! *performs high kicks in the air*

This chart shows 34 exercises that can be performed on the Power Plate alone without any other weights or machines. Thirty four!

Finally, Ken trains his triceps.

In this workout, Ken trained his back, shoulders and triceps in just forty minutes! Effective workouts are possible within such short a period (even as short as 15 minutes!) with the Power Plate’s Acceleration Training.

How is that biologically possible, well, that will take a long long time to explain, but if you’re interested in knowing how, click here to read more about how it works!

After three workouts, here’s my conclusion about the Power Plate – it’s a great exercise machine for everyone who wants to train their body to a great shape in a very short time! Even after a 45 minute workout, MY trained body felt freaky sore the next day! There are different intensity levels which you can train your body with on the Power Plate. Nick gave me the toughest.

And Nick gave Ken one of the moderate intensity routines. Even so, Ken was sore the day after the workout too!

So if you’re always on the rush but don’t want to cut corners when you’re training, get the Power Plate!

And if you’re interested in getting the Power Plate yourself or have any enquiries about it, email! πŸ˜€

Train hard!

5 comments on “The Power Plate!!”

    • Fabby
    • August 15, 2010

    You guys can email for more information.

    Ling: And it's in a showroom, dear.

    • Anonymous
    • August 15, 2010

    Where did u do the power plates training? Is it in a gym? I'm very interested in this.


    • KevL
    • August 12, 2010

    I wonder how much a PowerPlate costs. Have yet to try one myself

    • Fabby
    • August 10, 2010

    Anon: Haha. As secret as your identity.

    Elaine: Yup! Haha! Be proud! πŸ˜€

    • Elaine New
    • August 10, 2010

    my bf looking fab! XP

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