Muscle and Fitness War 2011 Photos, Videos & Results

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Muscle War 2012

Fabodylous got public attention for the first time from last year’s Muscle and Fitness War 2010. So looks like this is becoming an annual report. Anyway, this year’s Muscle War had significantly fewer competitors compared to last year. However, the level of competitiveness has increased by a lot. Most guys would probably be happy to have the thick arms of the competitor who placed last in the Under-170cm Tertiary. Many people people were struck with awe when the massive Desmond Lee stepped on stage with his best condition to date, yet Desmond has to settle with a runner-up position in the open category, behind the improved and densely-packed Firdaus Zainal.

muscle war 2011

The following is the complete results of each category.
Tertiary below 170cm
1st Nur Fauzi Bin Abu Bakar – NTU
2nd Chew Yi Ice – Republic Polytechnic
3rd Andrew Lim Sze Khew – NTU
4th Leong Tuck Sung – SMU

Tertiary 170cm and above
1st Wong Jin Xuan Keith – NUS
2nd Sheikh Muhammad Ally B Sheikh Azad Ally – NUS
3rd Haiqal B Ghazali – Ngee Ann Polytechnic
4th Sim Sze Poh, Samuel – ITE
5th Raja M Miikaaiil – Temasek Polytechinc
6th Harold Quek He Re – Ngee Ann Polytechnic

1st Muhammad Firdaus Bin Zainal – Sky Fitness Pte Ltd
2nd Lee Xuan Jin Desmond – Fitness Force Gym
3rd Makoto Goto – JV Fitness Pte Ltd
4th Wong Jin Xuan Keith – SAFA
5th Lex Tan Xue Ming – SAFA

1st Hapsari Marsoen – Fitness Force Pte Ltd
2nd June Alison Yen Si Hui – KHUS Fitness

muscle war 2011
Leong Tuck Sung

Nur Fauzi bin Abu Bakar

Chew Yi Ice

Andrew Lim

Samuel Sim

Raja Miikaaiil

Keith Wong

Sheikh Muhammad Ally

Haiqal Ghazali

Haiqal Ghazali

Keith Wong

June Alison Yen

Hapsari Marsoen

desmond lee bodybuilder
Desmond Lee, who has shown very significant improvements in his conditioning since his last two competitions. Will he be able to bring his conditioning to another level next time? We’ll see.

Firdaus Zainal stunned the crowd with his thick shoulders, arms and back, which bulldozed the competition like a Grizzly Tank.

Makoto Goto

An epic photo of Japanese bodybuilder, Makoto Goto. Credits to Rayman for the close up shots you see here.

lex tan singapore bodybuilder
Lex Tan

Why hello to you too, Firdaus!

Wanna get jacked? I’m pretty sure Team Gym AT Orchard can help you loads. 😉

Team Magnum in da house!

I’m so proud of my friend and uni-mate who won the tertiary category!

Two very fit and lovely ladies, Katya and Sari.

And lastly,

I really need to get a tan. 😀

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