CLEO Top 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2011

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So I found out yesterday how to create an event to make girls come (not THAT kind of come), spend lots of their daddy’s/boyfriend’s money, swoon and scream their hearts out – Find 50 smart, good-looking, talented hunks, have them express themselves onstage via music performances, sketches and yes, stripping. Yup, ladies loooovvvee men who are able to express their feelings and emotions nowadays. If you’re wondering why I was at the event, no, I’m not interested in the guys. I was there to support a friend of mine, Jason Chee and of course, to have a good time.

CLEO Top 50 Most Eligible Bachelors

So here is my company for tonight.

Chris and Yunes.

And Jessica, Natalie and Lana.

Sorry if the guys appear kinda crazy in these photos. They’re Americans.

Posing for the Armani Exchange contest booth. Hope that arm size helps! Lol! My hair’s a mess. I hate it. I’m gonna shave my hair pretty soon. Serious, no joke. But before that, I’m gonna get a dark tan and cut a lot of weight so that when I shave, I don’t end up looking like…


No religious insult, k?

Yunes giving it a go. He’s sooooooooo shy.

And the show begins!

Local Singaporean actor Hossan Leong was the emcee that night. He did a brilliant, absolutely brilliant job! Funny and spontaneous with a hint of wackiness.

Contestants and very lucky volunteers playing Complete the Lyrics. Contestants must also perform to make the jury swoon and vote for them. The “jury” is of course, the ladies in the crowd.

My favourite performance was the song Animal by Neon Trees played by a band. If you guys are reading my blog, you guys rock! My friends and I were jumping and screaming the lyrics!

My least favourite was the guy who performed Teenage Dream. See, I loooooovvvee Katy Perry. And I think that the contestant who sang it didn’t really sing his heart out like Katy did. The crowd favourite must have been the strip show. Did the guys go full monty, I hear you ask. Sorry ladies, but nope. Singapore has laws against indecent exposure.

In the end, the winner is…. Desmond Chiam!

Image from

Hmmm… seems like Desmond has a pretty popular blogger as a sister too –

Me interviewing Desmond. I love the curious look on the lady in the middle. She looks so cute here.

Me: Congrats on your win dude! How many titles have you won so far?

Desmond: This is title number one.

Me: Cool! So what made you join this contest?

Desmond: Well, the offer letter just popped into my mail one day. At first, I didn’t want to do it but my friends were like, “Do it! Do it! Do it!”

Me: Lol. How do you feel about your victory?

Desmond: A little surprised, definitely. I thought that Jae Joon or Aaron would have won it. Those two are talented guys, man.

Me: I’m pretty sure they are. So from now on, what’s your plans for your career?

Desmond: I’m just gonna concentrate on acting and getting more gigs, commercials, tv shows and etc.

Me: Well congrats again and thanks for your time!

Desmond: Welcome.

The ladies MUST be happy.

“Oh hai!! Like my bag?? It’s Brada, for men.”

Jason eventually won the “Bachelor with the Hardest Bod” award, which he told me he was aiming for in an interview we had before. Click here for the interview.

And yup, there goes the award-winning bod, which you can view on Razor TV’s website pretty soon.

The ladies enjoying themselves again.

Yup, Lana was swept off her feet by Jason, literally.


Ok, here’s the funny part! I took off my shirt just to take a photo with Jason. However, the Razor TV reporter came back to video her signing-off part.

And… she thought I was one of the contestants. Lol!

So, yea, I’ll be on Razor TV for the wrong reasons. And damn, I should have flexed when the camera was rolling!

So, after the event, it’s time to chill at a friend’s place and have some heart-to-heart talk.

So we’re just chillin.. wait, WTF! Chris, what are you doing?!


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    • Keelie Sheridan
    • March 19, 2011

    Looks like a great event! Awesome photos!

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