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I have a message for all of you out there, and it’s about the taboo topic of homosexuality.


Although being gay, Adam Lambert has more fans and chart-topping hits than the American Idol winner of his year, Kris Allen.

To the general non-bodybuilding community, some of you might believe in the stereotype that most bodybuilders are gay. THAT couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact, many of the bodybuilders I know are homophobic and anti-gay. So if you call a straight bodybuilder (probably 99% of bodybuilders are straight) gay, you are stereotyping, dumb and being offensive. If you get your ass whooped after that, you deserve it.

Next, to my fellow bodybuilders, my advice to you is don’t advocate stereotyping too. I do have gay friends whom I can talk, joke and laugh with and they don’t do anything that I’m not comfortable with. The gay guys who approach you for lewd sexual services are the rednecks of the gay community. Believe me, even gay people hate them because these rednecks give a bad image to the entire gay community. Block these guys, don’t talk to them if you don’t want to but if you use them to represent the whole gay community, it’s just as bad as another person saying that bodybuilders are mean, vain and any other negative stereotypes because he/she has met ONE bodybuilder with such attributes.

To (most of) the gay community, be the person you wanna be, live the life you wanna live, because it’s your own life and the only person that you’re answerable to when it comes to your happiness is yourself. Thanks for being amicable when communicating with straight guys.

Lastly, the the perverted gay guys who ask bodybuilders for sex, muscle worship, etc via Facebook/SMS, GFY. Straight guys go for girls, and that’s final!

This is a community message from Fabodylous. Have a nice day!

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2 comments on “About Homosexuality”

    • Anonymous
    • May 10, 2011

    You are totally right.. Even many straight guy who may jealous to a fit guy's physics will always quote :" I heard most the gymers are gay, are you?" The moment i heard this statement, i would only response :" i am certainly smarter than you!"

    • Anonymous
    • April 18, 2011

    This is a great post. I've never heard the term redneck gays, but I like it.

    Indeed a little respect is the beginning of more understanding.

    Thanks for the post.

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