Justin Bieber in Malaysia 2011

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Finally, 21stApril arrives! The date when thousands congregate at Stadium Merdeka to get their dose of anti-virus for the now epidemic Bieber Fever. Woots! Honestly, as much as you haters wanna flame Justin, it was the best concert I’ve been to, for real. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.Justin Bieber in Malaysia

Gosh. Talk about being a phenomenon! Justin Bieber is on the front page of four local magazines this month! And probably on dozens more of international mags!
And have you guys seen the video of the Justin Bieber flash mob in Malaysia? It was the 13th top rated video on YouTube! *sobs* I’m so proud of my Malaysian Beliebers.

Anyway, on the concert day, there was a massive jam to Stadium Merdeka (as expected) and it took us like, two hours to get there! Plus, it rained, which slowed down traffic.

Oh well, what can we do…

but to take photos of ourselves! πŸ˜€

LOL! The biggest cam-addict of the bunch, Erin. She’s gonna kill me when she sees this.

Finally, we’re here!

I just got hold of the tickets the day before the concert. Before that, I didn’t know how far we’ll be from the stage but in the end it turns out that…

We’ve got the second best zone in da house!

Hmm… The gender ratio wasn’t as skewed as I thought. Plenty of guys there. And plenty of adults too. So much for Belieber stereotypes.

And the action begins.

The first thing my mom said when she saw these photos, “This is Justin Bieber? He’s soooo skinny!”. Don’t worry JBeebs. My mom is just used to seeing… me.

This girl is gonna be the most talked-about girl in her school, no doubt. Everyone will know her as The-Girl-Who-Went-Onstage-With-Justin-Bieber. Just look at her face! She’s ecstatic!

Photo taken from Linora Low.


I love the expressions of the back-up dancers.


JB preparing for a front double-biceps!

Mortal Kombat suits!!

I wonder if there’s anyone else who was able to sneak in a DSLR with a 70-300mm lens into the stadium.

Justin introduces his back-up singers who, like him, was found on Youtube! Youtube search “Traphik”.

Justin on the drums. The kid has unlimited talent!

During the later part of the concert, someone special came out to perform with Justin. Guess who?

It’s Joel Madden of Good Charlotte!

Back-up dancer tells Justin, “Imma tell you one time, Justin. I’ll beat you in Modern Warfare tomorrow.”

So the concert was kinda short. It ended with a message on the screen saying

“Love you all!
Justin Bieber”

Damn! The ending was kinda anti-climatic.

Wait a minute.

The screen now shows

“You want more?”




And the girls go wild! Yup, JBeebs got us there.

So JB asks, “What song do you want next?”

The crowd goes, “BABY! BABY! BABY!”

JB says, “Wh-what? Rockabye baby?”

Crowd laughs.

Finally, Justin sings the most played song on Youtube, will half a BILLION total views.

And the last photo of the day…

Beauty and the beast! πŸ˜€

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Smell ya later, Beliebers!

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