Carlsberg Doing The Right Thing Campaign Launch

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Hey guys! Guess what?

I’m going to Mt Everest!

“What for?”, I hear you ask. And the answer is to…

pick up rubbish.. -_-”

But seriously, it’s for a good reason. Carlsberg has embarked on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme to clean up Mt Everest, which happens to be one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

So why clean up Mt Everest? Firstly, the enormous increase in visitors to the Everest region has caused more and more rubbish to be littered on the beautiful mountain. And to make it worse, the tourist spot does not have a organized functioning waste management system!

Team Singapore will be represented by five “Heroes” (that’s what they call us! Lol!), which comprises of (left to right) Miss Singapore SEA and FHM model, Kuek Ziyi; a fair guy who really needs a tan; Carlsberg staff June Lee; Woody (standing in for his colleague, Deva from Communications DNA) and Carlsberg staff Samuel Chen.

The launch of the Carlsberg Doing the Right Thing Campaign was held at Carlsberg’s 1847 Bar @ The Heeren, Singapore. During the unveiling ceremony, the five Heroes were presented with their air tickets and $800 travelling allowance by Anto Setiadi, Head of Marketing for Carlsberg Singapore.

We’ll be flying off to Nepal on 20th May and returning on 27th May. In between those dates, I’ll try my best to update you guys with photos and stories of what happened at 3000m above sea level! In the meantime, why don’t you guys click here and join Fabodylous’ Facebook page to get updates of this adventure?

Check out the rest of the photos from the event!

1847 Bar @ The Heeren

Doesn’t Hazel look lovely with the wind blowing in her hair?

Ziyi photobombing the Carlsberg girls.

Ok Zi, here’s a proper photo for you.

And for me! šŸ™‚

Zi and I.

Gail of interviewing Zi and I.

Oh, and noticed the wall behind us? It’s the Doing the Right Thing Wall and all the decision trees up on the wall are written by customers. There are some which are pretty funny actually.

Someone’s feeling very confident.


So, I hear you ask, isn’t beer bad for muscle gains? Yes, it is. But I agree with this saying I once heard, “Bodybuilding is just one great aspect of life”. So most of the time, I’ll be spending my time training and eat a high-protein diet. But when I’m with friends and we’re at a bar, it’s time to pop the bottles, fill those glasses and have fun! Woots! After all, that day was a


P.s. Just don’t overdo it.

Standing beside Carlsberg Singapore’s Head of Marketing, Anto Setiadi.

Thanks (left to right) Yifeng, Jonathan, Max, Weiyun, Jess, Mai, Eugene, Jaclyn, Sean and Edwin (Sean and Edwin not pictured) for coming and partying with us!

And happy birthday Weiyun!

I kinda pity the live performer that night. The weather was so hot and he was drenched in his own sweat!

Double category winner at Mr Singapore 2011, Max Lin and I messing with the photo booth.

And here’s the result!

Lol! Here’s a better one of both of us. And yea, I really need a tan.

Gotta love Hans’ hairdo!

Max “pretty boy” Lin and two beautiful Carlsberg girls. šŸ™‚

Anyway, aside from the launch party, Ziyi and I had to attend a meeting at Carlsberg Singapore’s office. They have a fridge stocked with every single beer Carlsberg makes! And I bet there’s no other office that allows you to bring a bottle of beer into meetings! Lol! Carlsberg’s office is so cool!

Don’t miss out on the day-to-day report of Carlsberg’s Doing the Right Thing Campaign Mt Everest Clean Up Expedition!

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Peace. Wish me luck so that I don’t turn into an ice statue. šŸ™‚

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    • Bodybuilding
    • May 29, 2011

    Fantastic thing to do! I'd love to go to Everest, good luck buddy.

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