Mr Singapore 2011 Results, Photos and Review – Part Two

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If you were impressed by the physiques you saw in part one of the Mr Singapore 2011 report, get ready for the big guys!

First, let’s start off this post with the ladies…

Women’s Physique Above-160cm

1st Nur Farina Binte Mj Ismail

2nd Nonie Fatimah Rennison

3rd Natalia Lukashevich

4th Ursula Pong

5th June Alison Yen

Farina, Nonie and Natalia were a definite top three in this category. Farina in particular, stole the stage with a flawless physique, with great curves, feminine muscles, nice abs and a cute smile. Nonie was lean but wasn’t as curvy as Farina and had the bigger waist.

Natalia was very very lean but OMG, the moment I saw her onstage, I was worried if she’s healthy. She had the anorexic look and her ribs could be clearly seen. She nailed her conditioning but should work on increasing lean mass.

To all mummies out there (not the Egyptian kind), Ursula is a mommy too of a young daughter. So if you think that you can’t get in shape after your pregnancy, think again!

Men’s Senior Under-75kg

1st Shaifulhaq Bin Ahmad Ishak

2nd Shukor Mat

3rd Shahanizar Bin Johar

4th Keith Wong

5th Dollah Jaafar

Two reasons why Shaiful won this category – legs and back (and conditioning too). Shaiful was a shoo-in for this category as soon as he stepped on stage. He owns the largest and most defined pair of legs for the entire day and had the freakiest back too. When preparing for a back double biceps, Shaiful would first tense his back and the crowd will react in awe before he spread those wings and shock the crowd again with his superbly detailed David Henry-ish back.

After Shaiful, it’s a battle for second place between Shukor and Shah. Shukor won that battle with better-popped and well-filled muscles, which made him look a lot bigger than Shah. Perhaps the loud “GRRRR!!!” when he’s hitting the most muscular pose made him seem more dominant too. Shah had great conditioning and the most striated chest onstage that day. But he was flat and had the thin look compared to the other guys in his category, even including those who placed lower than him.

Great job to Dollah Jaafar who showed that bodybuilding could effectively fight the signs of age and to Keith Wong, who balanced his examinations, which were right before Mr Singapore and his contest prep.

Men’s Senior Under-80kg

1st Leong Kai En

2nd Ma Yong Kang

3rd Ray Yeo

Kai En won because among the three athletes in this category, he was the only one with the densed, ripped look. He has a very balanced physique which no body parts really stands out or sinks in. The only weakness he might have is that his body looks lengthy and needs to be filled out but hey, he’s tall and I don’t think he has any complains about that.

Congrats to Ma Yong Kang too, for improving on his conditioning a lot since his last competition, Muscle Explosion 2010. Ray on the other hand, looked flat and tired.

Men’s Senior Under-85kg

1st Adrian Tan

2nd Roy Yeo

3rd Mohamad Naseer B Mohd Shariff

4th Mohamed Faris Bin Mohamed Said

One of the biggest buzz of this event was the news that 2006 Mr Singapore, Adrian Tan will be making a comeback and OMG, what a comeback it is! I’ve not seen Adrian competed in person before but from the videos I’ve seen, Adrian has made loads of improvements since 2006. He is the widest guy onstage for the day. So wide in fact, that his middle delts pops out more than most competitors’ biceps. I remember when I met Adrian at his gym, our shoulders bumped into each other several times. How does this guy walk through doors??

Anyway, enough of his shoulders. Adrian had spot-on conditioning and the best calves on stage too. The only apparent weakness he had was the lack of sweep in his quads, which looked kinda thin onstage.

If you guys thought that you’ve saw the same guy onstage twice in two different weight categories, think again. This category’s runner-up, Roy Yeo is the twin brother of the Under-80kg 2nd runner-up, Ray Yeo. It’s amazing to see how bodybuilding can change the way two people look, even with the exact same genetic make-up. For the Yeos, Roy was bigger and fuller onstage than his bro. It was a close fight between him and Naseer for the runner-up spot.

From the lack of enthusiasm Faris showed when he was performing his solo routine, it’s pretty obvious that he has given up on trying to place any higher than fourth. For real, it was so un-enthusiastic that it seemed… sarcastic. -_-”

Men’s Senior Above-85kg

1st Muhammad Ismail Bin Mahmood

2nd Elvin Chang

3rd Ee Choon Hian

Ismail had the most aesthetic body of the evening, with every body part flowing beautifully into each other. His waist, was the smallest too. And to top it all off, his posing, was classical and artistic. In every sense of the word, Ismail is the epitome of the classical and aesthetic bodybuilder. If I could choose any physique onstage that day to emulate, it would be Ismail’s.

Elvin, on the other hand, is HUGE AND THICK. The thickest athlete onstage in fact, weighing over 100kg. But with better conditioning, he could have dominated the stage, just not today.

Men’s Athletic Under-165cm

1st Max Lin

2nd Winson Ang

3rd Kamarruzaman Aziz

It was a close match between Winson and Max. Max had the classical V-taper look whereas Windon had the compact and dense bodybuilder look. The win could have gone both ways but I guess Max won because this is an “athletic” category which I’m not sure how is it judge, but I’m guessing aesthetic is put ahead of mass.

Men’s Athletic Above-165cm

1st Shahanizar Bin Johar

2nd Cliff Ethan Sim

3rd Leong Kai En

4th Dex Tey

5th Keith Wong

The results of this category reeaalllyy confused me about what this “athletic” category is about. If it’s a normal bodybuilding category, Shah and Kai En will be battling for 1st spot. Dex will place 3rd and Keith and Cliff with battle for 4th place. Anyway, I’ll just leave you with the photos as I don’t know what the hell is going on. But still, Shah DOES look really “athletic”. Hmm…

Guest Posing by Mr Universe, Daniel Toth

Errr… I don’t know where to start. Firstly, what’s with the samurai costume? The samurai costume theme could have pulled off if there were more theatrical elements with a storyline and perhaps a fight scene or something. But Daniel was just swinging a sword around. And worse was when he switched out of his samurai costume into his spandex shorts in plain view of the audience instead of backstage. And yea, he was looking very offseason. Still, huge arms, I’ll give him that. But Wong Hong’s guest posing last year was so much more exciting. People were standing up, cheering and going closer to the stage as he posed to lively music.

Mr Singapore 2011 Overall Title

Winner – Adrian Tan

There were three guys whom I saw could potentially win it all was Shaifulhak, Adrian and Ismail. Shaifulhak could win if it bodybuilding was a game of collection of parts instead of a judgement of the body as a whole. His legs are the biggest onstage and back, the freakiest. Ismail was about pure aestheticism. But in the end, the title went to the driest and widest athlete onstage, Adrian Tan.

The other champs congratulating Adrian on his overall win.

Adrian Tan and I.

One thing I wanna note before I leave is the judging system, which had no callouts. A group of 3 to 5 will just be called onstage according to their contestant number, they’ll be put through the compulsories, they switch position (left and right mirror switch) and they go through the compulsories again. If the two best guys are not in the same group, they never get direct comparisons. I think that screwed up the decisions of some of the categories, big time. And yea, the emcee was pretty damn boring too. And I’m not the one who thinks so.


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