Saving Mt Everest with Carlsberg – Day 1

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The most eye-opening trip of my life starts here. 8am at Changi Airport, Singapore. For those who are wondering what’s with me going to Nepal and what does Carlsberg has to do with it, click here. On the first day of the trip, nothing much went on. We were just being welcomed by the local Carlsberg representative and briefed on the plan to clean up the trekking path to Mt Everest. Check out the photos!

With FHM model, Ms Singapore SEA and fellow blogger, Kuek Ziyi on the way to the airport.

Team Singapore high in spirit and ready to make a great change in the environment. From left to right: Samuel, June, me, Deva and Ziyi.

O yea! Sushi for breakfast! My favourite! Nom nom nom nom.

Dear Sakae Sushi, if any one of you are reading this, please sponsor me. All I want is free sushi for as long as we’re contracted! Nom nom nom nom!

Finally on the plane! Kudos to Silkair for providing a great service for us! And cheers for Carlsberg and their dedication to clean up the environment!

Mmmm… Yummy!

The mountainous terrain of Nepal. Can’t believe that in the next few days, we’ll be trekking along these mountains.

The view over Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

At Kathmandu airport, we met up with Team Malaysia, which consists of (left most) Freda, BFM89.9 radio DJ and Carlsberg staff Jayde and Ramanan (fourth and third from the right).

When we were in the van heading towards our hotel, I got a glimpse of the Nepalese culture, and it was a culture shock, for sure. People were crossing the streets randomly, oblivious of the cars. There were no tar roads, only dirt. Rubbish were littered everywhere. And vehicles drove centimetres apart from each other. I’ll talk more on the Nepalese culture in later posts. For now, let’s move on to our preparation to trek towards Mt Everest.

Fitting into the local culture.

Our hotel for the night, Dwarika’s Hotel is beautiful. The design simply exudes the beauty of the Nepali culture and tradition.

Her name is Silky. 🙂

My room!

After checking into our rooms, it’s time for lunch. Guess what’s for lunch?

Hehe. What else did you expect?

After lunch, it’s time to get down to business. Wongchu Sherpa, president of the Everest Summiteers Association (ESA), explains to us the effects of littering done by trekkers since the 70s until now and what’s our plan to reverse this trend. If you’re thinking, “How much rubbish could twelve people possibly collect?”, think again. Our group is just a fraction of the manpower ESA/Carlsberg has sent to clean up Mt Everest. We might have collected kilograms of rubbish, but the rest of participants have collected TONNES. Click here to read the ESA’s report on the rest of the cleaning up process!

June and Samuel displaying our outfits for the rest of our trekking journey.

After the briefing, we were treated with a special welcome dinner at a building that used to be a king’s palace.

The spices and condiments bazaar outside the restaurant.

We were greeted the traditional Nepalese way.

This reminds me of the Malaysian “teh tarik”. Haha.

The beverage for the night is Gorkha beer, which is Carlsberg’s local Nepalese brew.


Now this is called “momos”. It’s like Chinese dim sum but the content of the wrap has either meat or veggies in it seasoned with Indian spices, giving it a more Indian-ish taste.

Local Nepali cuisine.

Our entertainment for the night. The performances were pretty good. Especially the cheeky performance with a storyline of a guy checking out other girls while his spouse wasn’t looking and she had to pinch his ears to get him back on track. The male dancer literally hugged Freda during the performance!

After our welcome dinner, we head back to our hotel and had an early sleep. Tomorrow will be a big day as we fly to the mountains and begin our trekking and rubbish collecting journey. So keep checking back for updates. The view and experience is magnificent and I’m pretty sure you won’t want to miss it!

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See you again soon!

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