Saving Mt Everest with Carlsberg – Day 3

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Day 3, 8.30am. It started with a freezing cold morning for some of us. It probably wasn’t super cold, perhaps 10 degrees, but hey, I’m from South East Asia, and it’s hot everyday there.

After we kissed the lodge owner’s kid goodbye, got our rubbish bags and took a group photo together, it’s time to trek. And starting today, it’s all uphill! *gasp!*

Good news to some of you and to the dismay of others, this post will comprise of mostly photos and just a few words. There’s barely anything done other than trekking and collecting rubbish. But of course, the scenery is awesome along the way!

Samuel (Singapore) may be a Carlsberg staff, but he certainly can’t get enough of Sprite, which he orders with every meal.

June (Singapore) showing us that cleaning up the environment is a happy job to do.

Emma jokes, “That’s our competitor! *points*”. Lol.

Mini rainbow!

The following ingredients make the perfect recipe to fatigue one’s entire body – Miles of uphill climb, uneven rocks that hurt your feet after hundreds of steps, cold temperature and thin air. Yup, and we have every one of those ingredients today.

I don’t get it. Why do they have so many calculators up for sale? What is there to calculate?

Yaks are essential creatures on the mountains. They provide meat, milk, clothing and transportation of goods for the locals. Plus, they are wonderful at multi-tasking. I mean, come on, they could carry heavy goods, travel for miles on the rocky roads and poop along the whole journey! Could YOU do THAT?? I guess not.

Lunch at Jasalle at 11.30am.

After lunch, Judy (Hong Kong) and I joined Sanjeev (Nepal) and Emma (Sweden) during the hike. But both of them were so tough and fast that Judy and I had no chance of catching up with them!

Emma towering over Judy.

Playing “poster boy” again for Carlsberg again.


Along the way, Judy and I met this Bangladeshi doctor who has reached the summit of 32 mountains. And today, he’s climbing Mt Everest. Oh, did I mention that he’s 70 years old and that bag he’s carrying is approximately 30kg? And he overtook us. -_-”

After hours of walking, our destination, Namche is in sight. Just another half and hour to go. Before that, we stop to take more photos of the scenery and with locals.

Samuel spreading the love.

Isn’t the place just awesome?

We stayed at Khumbu Lodge for the night. During dinnertime, some people felt sick due to the altitude. I felt good, but I pity the people who don’t. Most of the ladies and a guy or two were sick. Emma, the Swedish Superwoman felt great, of course.

After dinner, the guys decided to chill at the lounge, told jokes and played bar games and I got a much needed foot massage!

You might have seen dozens of beautiful and scenic photos in this post. But there are hundreds more on the Fabodylous Facebook Fanpage! Just click here, like our page and have a look at other great photos taken at Nepal.

And I promise Day 4 will be coming soon! 🙂

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    • Chu Nga Jessica
    • July 7, 2011

    great trip you had Kiat!! Should have asked me to come with you – Jessica

    • Lifestyle
    • July 1, 2011

    Please allow me to express my biggest appreciation for this great article you have written. You are truly a great expert in this field. The important tips imply a lot to me and also my family. Please understand that your kindness to share these guidelines with people like us all during this difficult time meant a lot to our family.

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