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  • Personal Training – $100 per session (single session) or S$80 per session (minimum purchase of 10 sessions)
  • Online Training – S$25 per week (minimum purchase of 10 weeks)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a girl and I just want to be lean and fit. I don’t want to be bulky and masculine. Is your personal training services suitable for me?

I get this a lot. It’s a MYTH that ladies will get muscular if they weight train. The truth is, women don’t have the natural testosterone and genetic make up to be as muscular as men. Instead, you can expect to be stronger, leaner and sexier while still looking feminine if you weight train. And yes, I do tailor training programs for ladies too.

Personal Training For Women Singapore

Do you offer group training?

I don’t offer group training. However, I do offer buddy training, where I train you and a friend of yours at the same time for $120/session (total).

What exactly is online training?

Online training is where I will create a diet and training plan customized for you and guide you through it. I will also track your progress and make tweaks in the program along the way. Throughout the program, you could also ask me anything relevant to training, dieting and fitness in general. This training method is only recommended for intermediate trainees who have at least a few months of training experience under their belt.

I hate diets and I love food. Must I really go on a strict diet to see the results I want?

I love food too! However, nutrition is just as important as training if you want to see results in your physique. That being said, you don’t need to adhere to a strict diet to get results. Instead, I will provide guidelines. These guidelines will tell you what you should be eating most of the time and what foods to eat only occasionally. Lastly, eating healthy should be a lifestyle, not a temporary diet. If you take the first step to start eating healthier, soon it will become a habit and you won’t even feel like you’re on any diets.

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