Getting Bodybuilding Advice: Who Not To Listen To

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We all have many friends whose bodies are of our desire. Perhaps that skinny one, that ripped one with abs, or that toned muscular one. Does that mean we can ask them for bodybuilding advice on how to look like them? Can we just study their lifestyle and mimic them to achieve similar results? The answer is not always. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why.


The fact is, a lot of these ripped people simply have good genetics and the body type to stay lean no matter what. Sometimes, they will be misled by themselves. Just because they go for a run twice a week, they credit their abs to those two runs. Worse still, they might tell you they just need to do insane number of sit-ups! So when anyone approaches them for advice, they will think they know how to get abs, and share with you their “secrets”. Same goes with building muscle – some do become considerably muscular by just doing push-ups!

No offense to them, it’s really not their fault. More likely than not, they would still have abs and popping muscles even if they were just be a pig who eats and sleep! I know… seems unfair, right!
If  you follow what they do & eat, you are probably just going to get out of shape!

Not that less-awesome genetics means you can’t achieve your goals, it just means you have to work harder!
Be sure to get bodybuilding advice from the right people or sources. People who have actually transformed their own bodies would be a perfect example of who you should be listening too. Even if after their transformation, they aren’t as ripped as that crazy genetic friend, he/she would still know more and be able to give better bodybuilding advice and tips.

I’ll do you a favour and recommend a good source to get bodybuilding advice and information…



Hope you have learnt something from my article, I shall be off to breast feed now! ;D

P.s. I meant I’m gonna have my chicken breast.

Ashley Foo Singapore BodybuilderThis post is written by Ashley Foo. Ashley who? You might not have heard of him yet, but you soon will when he hits the stage in the years to come. For now, he’s just a 17-year old kid…

who benches 100kg for reps. And yes, Ashley is a guy’s name too.










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