2012 Arnold Classic Results

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Yes! Finally, the 2012 Arnold Classic is over! Here are the top six 2012 Arnold Classic results!

2012 Arnold Classic Results

#6 Lionel Beyeke

Lionel Beyeke Arnold Classic 2012 Results

#5 Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson Arnold Classic 2012 Results

#4 Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski Arnold Classic 2012 Results

#3 Evan Centopani

Evan Centopani Arnold Classic 2012 Results

#2 Dennis Wolf

Dennis Wolf Arnold Classic 2012 Results

Winner of 2012 Arnold Classic – Branch Warren!

Branch Warren Arnold Classic 2012 Results

Congratulations to Branch Warren for winning the Arnold Classic two years in a row!! So do you think that Branch deserve the win? If not, who should have been champ? Why?


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    i think dennis wolf deserved to win,as his boby structure was the best, in the classical X man shape.branch warren was too chunky and over-muscled, and did not possess the clean lines that dennis showed.

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