The Singapore Flyer Singapore Sling Flight

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The Singapore Flyer has just launched a new service for those who want an awesome, unforgettable and romantic experience! If a normal ride on one of the biggest and classiest observation wheel in the world isn’t exciting and memorable enough, then try this package!

Singapore Flyer Singapore Sling Flight

It is called the Singapore Sling Flight package. Guests will enjoy a ride on the Singapore Flyer in a special ultra-classy club-like VIP cabin called the Champagne Capsule by Moët and Chandon (only two out of 28 capsules). In addition to that, guests will be served with a glass of freshly mixed Singapore Sling, Singapore’s national all-time classic cocktail on the flyer itself! That plus the BOSE speaker in the cabin playing the latest club hits (or you can plug in your own music player if you prefer Justin Bieber or erm… The Bee Gees) will make your experience awesome beyond level 9000!!!

Thanks to my good friend, Yong Wei (click here to read his blog), I was able to be a part of the launching of the new offering.

Enjoy the ride!

The Singapore Flyer

Fulvia briefing us on the launch of this new ride package.

Singapore Flyer Moet and Chandon Champagne Cabin

Moet Skybar

Moet and Chandon Singapore

Photos of the Moët and Chandon Champagne Capsule. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. Yong Wei did not tell me we were gonna go on the Singapore Flyer!

Singapore Flyer View

Singapore City View

Again, sorry for the sucky photos. However, visualize yourself on a date with the person you love and after a romantic dinner at your favourite fine dining restaurant, both of you take a Singapore Sling Flight on the Singapore Flyer. Then, when the right song starts playing, the mood is right, the two of you are alone, high above the city, in your own private cabin, both of you start to      (fill in the blank with the activity of your choice)     . 🙂

For the launch of the Singapore Sling Flight, Singapore Flyer decided to make it extra special for us bloggers! So, for tonight, we got to MIX our own Singapore Sling!

Here is our bartender for tonight, Alice, with her arsenal of spirits and juices to create the world-famous concoction.

Singapore Sling Bar

Singapore Sling Bartender

First up, we have Goh “I’m-Not-Fat-I’m-Bulking” Yong Wei as our first volunteer of the night! Making The Singapore Sling

Then it’s my turn!

Alice guiding me, the drink-mixing noob on the ingredients and portions needed to formulate the Singapore Sling.

Singapore Sling Ingredients

*Trying to look like I know what I’m doing*

How To make The Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling Content

Singapore Sling Singapore Flyer

Singapore Sling Price


Singapore Sling Flight

Enjoying my masterpiece with events, photography, contest, food and movie review blogger, Hong Peng. Click here to check out his blog!

Singapore Sling Drink

So, wasn’t that fun?! 🙂 Don’t you wish to experience it first hand? Well, then head on to The Singapore Flyer to enjoy this new experience today! Price is only $70 (RM175) per pax (worth the experience)! Click here for more information.

To learn more about the Singapore Flyer, click here!

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