6 Weeks Out From Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012!

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So, 40 days left to the day I have shitloads of burgers, pasta and as much ice cream as I want go up against the best bodybuilders in Kuala Lumpur. Question is, am I on track to placing well against them?

Well, my progress during the eighth week out was slowed down by too many outings with friends but since seven weeks out, dieting and training is full speed ahead! I’ve never felt so motivated to train before. Now, most of my workouts are early in the day because as soon as I wake up, I’m just raring to hit the gym and lift some heavy ass weights!

Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012

Check out my progress photos from 18th April to 6th May. My v-taper has improved and so has my quad and abs definition. And of course, my body fat percentage is lower as you can see from my leaner cheeks. Notice that my skin got a lot better too. And no, I did not get a tan. It’s just that in the before photo, I wasn’t sleeping so well, I had dandruff, my skin was pale and so on. But I got better after that. Overall, I think my progress was slow, but it will definitely speed up from now onward.

Weight wise, I got down from 76kg to 74kg and maintained all my strength. Not much weight loss, but I’m not planning to lose that much weight either. My main goal isn’t to hit a certain weight. It’s always to be as ripped as possible while holding on to as much muscle as possible. Weight is a very inaccurate measurement of progress unless you’re obese when you began.

Front Comparison

Side Comparison

Side Chest Comparison

Back Double Biceps Comparison

Abs Comparison

Most Muscular Comparison

As the saying goes, if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. So lately, I’ve been asking local champs for advice and modified my routine and diet accordingly.

Six Weeks Out Diet Plan

My diet has not change much, except that I have cut my calorie intake to about 2100 calories per day. Plus, I make sure that when I do take carbs, it’s in small portions so I won’t spike my insulin levels and make it harder for my body to burn fat. This is of course, not applied to my refeed meal, which is the fifth meal of every third day. However, I’m doing it according to the recommendation of Scivation’s Game Over Diet which states that almonds should be taken with the refeed meal to slow down digestion and insulin release.

Wee Kiat Diet

Six Weeks Out Training Plan

Training wise, I still focus on the basic compound movements and not much of the fancy stuff. Right now, I’m training arms twice a week because in Malaysia, arms and legs play a big role in bodybuilding contests. Plus, genetically, most of the Malay bodybuilders have big limbs, so I must be prepared to at least be just as good.

I’ve changed all my cardio from slow cardio to HIIT to burn fat faster. I used to be concerned that on a low carb diet, HIIT will actually be catabolic. But from my observation of my strength levels, my carb intake is enough to fuel my HIIT workouts. If you’re planning to implement HIIT into your routine too, make sure that you have enough energy to last you through each session, cause it’s really intense and makes you feel really hungry afterwards!

Day 1 – Arms, Abs, Cardio

Day 2 – Legs

Day 3 – Rest

Day 4 – Chest, Abs

Day 5 – Arms, Cardio

Day 6 – Back, Cardio

Day 7 – Shoulders, Cardio

Day 1

Concentration Curls – 1 warm up, 4 sets (forced reps)

Barbell Curls – 3 sets (cheat)

Hammer Curls – 3 sets (last set is a drop set)

Rope Pressdowns – 1 warm up, 4 sets (last set is a drop set)

EZ Bar Skullcrushers – 3 sets

Parallel Dips – 3 sets (drop sets)

Decline Leg Raise – 3 sets

Machine Crunches – 3 sets

Seated Tucks – 3 sets

Day 2

Squats – 1 warm up, 4 sets

Straight Leg Deadlifts – 1 warm up, 4 sets

Lunges – 3 sets

Leg Extensions – 4 sets (last set is a drop set)

Lying Leg Curls – 4 sets (last set is a drop set)

Day 4

Flay Dumbbell Flys – 2 sets

Superset: Incline Bench Press, Incline Dumbbell Flys – 1 warm up, 4 sets

Dumbbell Pullovers – 3 sets

Parallel Dips – 3 sets (all sets are drop sets)

Push Ups – 3 sets

Cable Crunches – 3 sets

Vertical Bench Leg Raise – 3 sets

Decline Crunches – 3 sets

Day 5

Machine Curls – 1 warm up, 4 sets (last set is a drop set)

EZ Bar Curls – 4 sets (cheat)

Alternate Dumbbell Curls – 4 sets (last set is a drop set)

Dumbbell Kickbacks – 1 warm up, 4 sets (last set is a drop set)

Machine Triceps Extensions – 4 sets

One Arm Rope Pressdowns – 4 sets (forced reps)

Day 6

Underhand Barbell Rows – 1 warm up, 4 sets (last set is a drop set)

Deadlifts – 1 warm, 4 sets

Superset: Behind-the-neck lat pulldowns, lat pulldowns – 3 sets

Seated Cable Rows – 3 sets (last set is a drop set)

Day 7

Smith Machine Military Press – 1 warm up, 4 sets (last set is a drop set)

Smith Machine Upright Rows – 4 sets (cheat)

Dumbbell Side Laterals – 3 sets (flush sets, which means, after you’re done with normal reps, you hold the weight up in position as long as possible)

Front Dumbbell Raises – 3 sets (flush sets)

So that’s my update for six weeks out. Like Fabodylous’ fan page to find out how I will fare at Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012!

10 comments on “6 Weeks Out From Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012!”

    • haniff
    • May 11, 2012

    Good progress wee kiat! Keep it up and good luck in winning mr.kl 2012.

      • Wee Kiat
      • May 18, 2012

      Thanks Haniff!

    • suddha
    • May 9, 2012

    hey mate,

    What you do for your HIIT routines? Also great progress man keep that motivation going man, the end result will be so much more sweeter than just winning the competition. Good luck.

      • Wee Kiat
      • May 10, 2012

      Hi Suddha,

      My HIIT routines consists of 5 minutes warm up, 5 sets of 1 minute sprint and 2 minutes walk intervals and another 20 minutes of slow cardio. 40 minutes total.

      HAha. Thanks man. I really appreciate it. This was a slow week. Wait til you see 4 weeks out! 😉

    • Tahir bin Berahima
    • May 9, 2012

    Hello mister..what the time you do your HIIT?..

      • Wee Kiat
      • May 9, 2012

      Right after my workouts Tahir.

        • Sean
        • May 17, 2012

        I tryI hiit before lifting,no energy and heart beat too fast…any advice?

          • Wee Kiat
          • May 18, 2012

          Your gym treadmills should have a heartbeat monitor. Choose the right speed and elevation so that your heart beat at (180 – your age) during the sprints. Depending on your metabolim, get 100g to 180g of carbs (that is, if you’re cutting) per day and plenty of sleep. 🙂

        • Eugene
        • June 12, 2012


        Was wondering do you consume your post-workout before doing your HIIT, or do you consume it after all your workout and cardio sessions?

        Btw looking at your progress I think you stand a good chance, all the best for the competition!

          • Wee Kiat
          • June 14, 2012

          Hi Eugene,

          I see you’re from NUS too. I consume my post-workout after HIIT. Thanks for the kind wishes! 🙂

          Wee Kiat

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