The Ultimate Sanctuary For Men

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So you bulked up and then went on a diet to get absolutely shredded. Your abs resemble a washboard, your shirt snugs tightly over your round deltoids with your huge guns hanging proudly beneath them. So, you have the whole alpha package, right?

What does this photo of Megan has to do with this post? Absolutely nothing! But it got your attention, right?

But wait, how about your skin, both facial and body? Is it as smooth and blemish-free as it should be? And your body may look great on the outside, but is it healthy on the inside? Well, why not have both the ripped body and the dashing, refined look to turn heads wherever you go? While you’re at it, why not pamper yourself too? And I know just the place for you guys to get all these!Men's Refinery
It is called, Men’s Refinery, located at Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya. Men’s Refinery is dedicated to refining the way you look and feel in mind, body and spirit. Enjoy a full repertoire of results-driven services that combine wellness and grooming with revolutionary fitness regimes.

Facial Centre for Men Kuala Lumpur

Facial Centre for Men Petaling Jaya

A couple days ago, an old friend of mine, Power Plate Master Trainer, Nicholas, invited me to try what Men’s Refinery has to offer. So why not? Sounds like fun!

Men’s Refinery is fully equipped with 8 luxurious treatment rooms, a newly-extended high performance fitness studio and an aqua zone complete with heat & water facilities, i.e. power shower rooms, steam room, sauna and a detox cell.
As soon I step into the centre, the aroma of lemongrass fills my nostrils and just teases me about the pampering which I’m about to receive.

Facial Centre for Men Damansara Uptown

Facial Centre for Men Damansara

Here is Nicholas showing me the fitness studio, where they have the latest fitness equipments, like the Power Plate, TRX Suspension System and kettlebells!

Fitness Centre for Men Damansara

TRX Power Plate Malaysia

Kettlebells Petaling Jaya
Nicholas has trained me before with his modern techniques and believe me, the training is tough! And if it’s tough for me, it can definitely whip you in shape! 😉 Click here to view our training session together.

I have a very strict pre-contest training programme so I won’t be training with Nick today. Instead, I decided to try their detox and facial treatment.

First up is the detox treatment. Men’s Refinery’s method of detoxification is using a huge pot-like cell, which is made from volcanic stones from Japan (which scientists assert emits the highest content of negative ions in the world). Click here to view the many benefits of negative ions.

Yup, that’s me in the detox cell. There’s a sauna function built-in to the cell. And don’t worry; they are not trying to cook me. (:

detox cell petaling jaya

After 30 minutes in the detox cell followed by a cold shower, I’ve never felt so relaxed and rejuvenated ever!
Just a vain shot of me before I proceed to my facial. (:

hot hunk kuala lumpur

Next up, the facial treatment. My Refiner for today is James (they call all their grooming specialists as Refiners here). He’s really friendly and professional at what he’s doing. Gives a helluva massage too! 😉

Now, here’s the thing with facials – don’t you just hate it that throughout the entire treatment, your feet just can’t stay still and are exposed to the cold, dry air? Well, Men’s Refinery has found the solution for that. While you’re getting your facial treatment done, your legs will be constantly receiving a blood circulating treatment by a pressurized massager! It feels great!

facial for men petaling jaya

The facial treatment I got was the Power H2O treatment, aptly named to highlight the oxygen machine used for oxygen infusion of the skin. The Power H2O treatment is targeted to clients who have dehydrated and sensitive skin. It boosts the skin’s immunity and healing process while hydrating, firming and rejuvenating it. And guess what? It’s Men’s Refinery’s signature facial treatment! Yay!

Here’s James making me pretty.

facial for men kuala lumpur

It was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep during the treatment! True story.

facial treatment for men kuala lumpur

facial treatment for men petaling jaya

And lastly, here’s a photo of James, Nicholas and I before I leave. Dayyumm! Talk about Adonis, James’ skin is flawless!

Men Kuala Lumpur Petaling Jaya Damansara Uptown

After my detox and facial treatment, I never felt so relaxed and my skin has never been so smooth and supple (Just.can’!). And I won’t attribute all these to just the treatments. It wasn’t just that. It was the relaxing aroma of the centre, the perfect cool temperature, the luxurious setting and environment, the green tea they serve to their clients, the friendly service, the plush and warm towels, the power shower and everything in between.
You can have this experience too! Just head to Men’s Refinery, 48G, Jalan SS21/62, Damansara Uptown! You can’t miss it. It’s a corner shop lot with a huge entrance canopy with Men’s Refinery’s logo on it.

Have questions or inquiries? Click here to ask them on Men’s Refinery’s Facebook page!

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