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Warning: This post contains explicit photos of delicious, sugar-laden and carb-rich foods. DO NOT VIEW if you’re currently on a strict diet! 🙂

I wish I could look the way I do now all year round. In fact, I’m already controlling my diet starting from 3 days after competing. My aim is to gain as much muscle as possible with the least amount of fat gain. I will home cook everything and eat out only on occasions…

Bodybuilder in KL


Today is the day right after Mr Kuala Lumpur and the only thing on my mind is FOOOD!!! Plus, I promised my friend (and Mr KL backstage helper), Ashley who came all the way down from Singapore that I will bring him on a food trip today around Kuala Lumpur.

So, because we want to maximize our appetite so we can try out as many food as possible during our KL food trip, we’ve decided to have an hour cardio in the morning at Desa Park City.

Desa Park City Jogging Track

Jogging at Desa Park City Lake
Just me getting some sun. Sorry for blocking the view. 🙂

And right after our run, we head to Jusco, Desa Park City to grab a light snack.

JUSCO egg tart and cheese stick
An egg tart and cheese stick might seem cheap and simple, but after being deprived of sugary stuff for weeks, it tastes like heaven to me!

Price: RM3.20. Sweet and simple.

Next, we continued our trip to a nearby hawker centre at Manjalara, Kepong for some amazing fried spaghetti! I used to eat this very often when I was in secondary school. Good for bulking!

Restoran Jalan Tanjung Dua Manjalara Kepong

Manjalara Kepong Fried Spaghetti

Best spaghetti in Malaysia
Ashley giving a thumbs up to his delicious fried spaghetti with chicken chop.

Price: RM21 for both of us. Highly recommended!

Since Ashley has not tried authentic Malaysian mamak food, I’ve decided to introduce it to him! So we went to Al-Barkath, also in Manjalara.

Al Barkath Manjalara Kepong

Best teh-o ais limau in malaysia
How can you not have teh-o ais limau (ice lemon tea) when you're at a mamak? 🙂

We had two roti planta and a plate of Maggi goreng!

roti planta malaysia

Maggi goreng mamak

Price: RM15. Malaysian favourite!

It’s now 2.45pm. We head back to my place to bathe and change since we’re going somewhere further. Next stop, Food Republic, Pavilion Shopping Centre.

Food Republic, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

We were thirsty, so we grabbed a smoothie at Boost Juice Bar. I got a Blueberry Blast and Ashley got a Banana Buzz. Mine was better. 🙂

Boost Juice Bar Blueberry Blast

Price: RM20ish (I forgot). Yummy! And healthy!

Nothing in Food Republic really attracted my eyes. But Ashley thought the chicken rice looks good. So I ordered a BBQ chicken rice and he got a roasted duck rice.

Food Republic BBQ Chicken Rice

Cost: RM18. Ashley was right. It is good! But for that price, you could get a lot more BBQ chicken rice elsewhere. I guess everything in Pavilion is expensive.

After that, we went for desserts! Ashley and I shared a chocolate and cheese cake cause we want to save our appetite for more food afterwards!

Food Republic Pavilion Cheese and Chocolate Cake

Price: RM9.90. Soft and creamy… Mmm… Love it!

I must admit. I’m in love with chocolate now. Deeply in love.

Just before we left Food Republic, look who we bumped into! It’s Nicholas, runner-up in the junior above-70kg at Mr Kuala Lumpur! Guess we’re not the only food hunters today! 😀

Chinese Malaysian Bodybuilders

Chinese Malaysian Hunks

It’s almost 4pm now. Ashley I took a walk from Pavilion to Lot 10, to try out a foodcourt there, Lot 10 Hutong, which was recommended by a foodie friend of mine, Su Yee. We must eat quick and leave the city before rush hour.

Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Lot 10 Hutong Foodcourt

We would love to try everything but unfortunately, we have to save up some appetite for the finale of the night. So we shared a bowl of beef noodles.

Lot 10 Hutong Beef Noodles

Price: RM7.50. Tastes awesome! Recommended!

Bentley Flying Spur Kuala Lumpur
Enjoying the view of some sweet rides at the car park.

Phew! We barely escaped rush hour. I picked up Melody from her college and we drove to Ikano Power Centre to visit a friend of mine, Jordan, who is managing an eatery there.

Ikano Power Centre Kid's World

And we had cakes and tea!

IPC Restaurants

Ikano Power Centre Restaurants
New York cheesecake
Ikano Power Centre Cake
Durian cake.

The name of the eatery is Kids’ World @ Ikano Power Centre. And don’t worry, if you have a sweet tooth, eating at Kids’ World isn’t too childish for you. 🙂

Price: RM25 for two cakes, two coffee and a small teapot of an Egyptian tea. Perfect for people with a sweet tooth! They have main course dishes too, of course.

Sometimes, I just like to walk into Toy R’ Us. Not that I buy anything from there, I just like to reminisce my childhood days and how innocent, naive and skinny I was. Haha.

Toy R' Us Ikano Power Centre
You wouldn't like her angry!

Madagascar Penguins

Finally, our last stop and grand finale for the day, TAO Cuisine Japanese Buffet @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara! 🙂

Tao Kota Damansara

As we walk in the restaurant, Ashley said, “Dude, everybody is staring at you. The cook was staring at you with eyes wide open!”

Me, “Ya, I know. I’m used to it”. I’m so vain, aren’t I? 🙂

Tao Cuisine Kota Damansara
Mmmm... Sushi!
Tao Japanese Buffet
I'm gonna eat ALL of you!!
Tao Cuisine unagi don
I <3 unagi.
Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Review
Abalone slices.
Tao Cuisine Buffet Review
Spicy cheese scallops.

Tao Buffet Review

Tao Cuisine Sunway Giza

Tao Cuisine Sunway Giza Kota Damansara

Japanese Buffet Kuala Lumpur

Best Japanese Buffet in Kuala Lumpur

Japanese Buffet Petaling Jaya

Tao has a chocolate fountain for desserts. This is what Ashley and Melody created using it. Noobs. Let me show them how it’s done.

Best Japanese Buffet Petaling Jaya
Like this! Muahahaha!

Japanese Buffet Desserts

With Melody, one of my best friends for 8 years. 🙂

We ate more food than just the ones in these photos, of course. I was just lazy to photograph all of them. I just wanna EAT!!

A good pal and another up and coming young bodybuilder, Ahmad Faiz, joined us for dinner! Look at him eating clean in preparation for Mr Putrajaya, where he’ll kick ass in the juniors!

Malaysian Bodybuilders
"He's the champ!" "No no no. He's the champ!"

Malay Bodybuilder

Price: RM72 per pax. High quality sushi and sashimi, but quite limited choices.

And that’s it for the day! However, the next day, Ashley and I took a walk around One Utama before leaving for Singapore. And we found this absolutely amazing place which sells delicious desserts for a really affordable price!!

Puran B One Utama
It's Puran B, which is Plan B in Japanese.
Puran B Isetan One Utama
OMG! This huge, thick, solid and delicious caramel bar is only RM4! Yes, RM4!! I actually felt full after eating it.
Plan B One Utama
Ashley's cookies and cream bar is only RM5!!
Desserts One Utama
And water is free too!

Price: RM10.50 ONLY!! If you’re not on diet, you must try it! It’s Puran B/Plan B @ Eat Paradise, Isetan @ One Utama!

And right before boarding our bus, I just must grab another of my teenage-hood favourite! Seafood tempura from Shihlin Taiwanese Snack!

Shihlin One Utama

Shihlin Seafood Tempura

Price: RM6. Simple and delicious snack!

So that’s it for our food trip. The next day, it’s back to dieting again! Like our page for more delicious and healthy food or delicious and not-so-healthy food! 🙂

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    • Feng
    • July 3, 2012

    That was pretty epic. Congrats on your showing in Mr. KL!

      • Wee Kiat
      • July 22, 2012

      Thanks Feng! 🙂

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