Muscle Pharm Assault Review

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Muscle Pharm Assault Introduction

If you’ve been in the bodybuilding and fitness scene long enough, chances are that you have already heard of Muscle Pharm Assault, which is now the hottest selling pre-workout formula worldwide. I myself have gotten a bottle and tried it out. Here’s my review of it. Firstly, let’s look at the ingredients then I’ll share my workout experience while on Muscle Pharm Assault.

Muscle Pharm Assault Review

Muscle Pharm Assault Ingredients

One of THE strongest points of Assault is that it very COMPLETE. It has the ingredients I want in the amounts I want. If I’m in a lab with every single ingredient available for me to create my own pre-workout formula, it would be the same ingredients in Assault. Creatine? Check. And not just any creatine, but Con-Cret, which is more potent form of creatine than creatine monohydrate. Beta-alanine? Check. And 4g of it too! This is great because most pre-workout formula have too little beta-alanine (it’s expensive). Citruline malate? Check. BCAAs? Check! Caffeine? Electrolytes? Vitamin Bs? All check! Do note that these ingredients in these amounts is one full scoop of Assault. The nutrition facts on the bottle shows you the nutrients for HALF a scoop, not full.

Great! So, is this the perfect pre-workout formula? Well, almost. There’s ONE thing which isn’t so perfect. It has maltedextrin (aka glucose polymers). Now, if I were to take Assault during my off-season, I have no problem with the maltodextrin. In fact, it may help boost my workouts too! BUT, when it’s time for pre-contest, I count every gram of carb and any carb which I do take, it’s low-GI and doesn’t spike my insulin. Maltodextrin isn’t low-GI and spikes insulin. Plus, I would prefer some DMAA in the formula for a more intense focus effect. However, DMAA is now banned, unfortunately. That being said, Assault is certified to be banned substances-free, so it’s safe if you’re planning to use it for a drug-tested competition.

Muscle Pharm Assault Review

So today is my arms day and I’m taking one FULL scoop of Assault as a pre-workout.

Pump-wise, it’s awesome! I can feel my skin stretching to fit my blood-engorged biceps after just a few sets of concentration and barbell curls.

Strength and energy-wise, Assault does pretty well too. The weights do feel lighter and more manageable. For my previous workout, I had to rush and skipped my pre-workout drink. The difference between those two arm workouts were noticeable and significant. For the “awakening” effect, Jack3d is actually stronger than Assault. However, Jack3d relies on DMAA for that, which is now banned. And some people who are sensitive to stimulants will find it hard to sleep after taking Jack3d.

Lastly, I might not be able to feel it, but I know that the BCAA is keeping me anabolic and is a great addition to the formula. Thus, for Assault, my rating is:

Effectiveness: 9/10

Taste: 8/10

Where to Buy MusclePharm Assault

If you are in Singapore, click here to purchase Muscle Pharm Assault!

If you are elsewhere in the world, click here to purchase Muscle Pharm Assault.

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    • Mark
    • August 3, 2012

    How about Magnum Serum, NO Xplode, BSN Nitrix? How does it compare?

  1. Reply

    There are a lot of really crappy pre-workouts out there but Assault is definitely one of the better ones. I wish the citrulline malate content was a little bit higher but all in all it’s a well rounded product that I’d recommend. Good review.

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