The Voices In My Head

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This might sound weird, but I actually have two voices in my head talking with each other constantly (I bet some of you have that too!). And how you live your life, make your decisions and how motivated are you will depend on this other voice talking to you.

Voices in My Head

The first voice is me. It’s what I what I do, it’s the voice which controls my actions and my desires. It’s who I am now. The second voice is the perfect Wee Kiat (at least to me). He is always motivated, strong, alert. He’s full of honour and integrity. He works hard, strives and perseveres for success. He’s always positive and doesn’t give a fuck about negative thoughts. This is the Wee Kiat I want to be. And this perfect Wee Kiat keeps telling me what to do. He scolds me when I’m lazy and pushes me hard whenever I’m lifting. He tells me never to give up whenever I feel like doing so. He makes sure that the current Wee Kiat will eventually evolve to become him.

But it wasn’t always like this. Before perfect Wee Kiat was in my head, the second voice was negative and irresponsible Wee Kiat. He keeps rationalizing why it’s not worth it to take the extra mile to achieve something, why I can’t do it so I might as well not do it. He blames everyone and everything else for my failures or bad things that happened.

Motivational Thinking

So what’s the difference between the two periods which I have these two “tenants” in my head? When lazy Wee Kiat was in my head, I did badly for my studies, I barely gained any muscle and I got fat. I didn’t mix well with people and honestly, I hated the way I live. It was just sooo… pathetic. I felt like I had no control over my own life. On the other hand, after lazy Wee Kiat left and perfect Wee Kiat came in, I did pretty good for my studies, I learnt a lot, I got in the best shape of my life and placed well at Mr Kuala Lumpur, I found friends whom I can keep for life and I’m charging full speed at my goals! I never felt so alive before.

Think Like a champ to be a champ
Think like a champ to be a champ.

So what voice do you have in your head? What is it telling you to do everyday?  Do you feel proud and happy having him in your head? Is he pushing you towards your goals or towards nowhere? If  that voice in your head is pulling you down, replace him. Replace him with the person you wanna be. The person whom you will look up to. What would this person do? What would this person think? Once you’ve done that, get ready for a whole new chapter in your life! 😉

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