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Today, I just witnessed the ugly and misleading side of journalism. If you guys are lost about what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the story titled “Shamed Seven” which appeared on the front page of Singapore’s The New Paper recently. Click here for a summary of the story.

Let’s start with the part that bothers me the most – the title, “Shamed Seven”. “Shamed”, what kind of people does this word describes accurately? Wife beaters. Pedophiles. Rapists. Human traffickers. Gangbangers. You certainly DON’T use the word “shamed” on seven guys who embody the dreams of many men who workout hard in the gym and watch their diet closely to achieve what these men have achieve. These seven men are looked up to by many fans and friends. They’re inspirational to many. And most of all, they work their ass off, dedicating time, effort and money while putting off many enjoyments of life to be the best in their field. In doing so, did they hurt anyone? I don’t think so. In fact, it’s more accurate to say they have a POSITIVE impact on society. So let’s get this straight –  These men are certainly NOT shamed.

Steroids in Singapore Bodybuilding

Secondly, I stumbled upon the author’s profile. Click here to view it. Whoah! That’s a lot of anti-bodybuilding articles for a writer! Firstly, the bodybuilding scene in Singapore is pretty small. It’s not close to as big as football, basketball or even  ping pong. So how come Mr Ali Kasim is able to write 8 articles about bodybuilding in the last few months, all of which puts bodybuilding in a bad light? Tragedy sells? I’m not throwing any accusations over here. I’m just expressing my suspicion over the matter. So please, feel free to form your own opinions. Plus, I understand that some journalist are allocated a certain topic to write about so they have no choice but to do so. But Mr Ali here could have given a more realistic view on sports and steroids, which I will in the following paragraphs. And these guys have worked hard and sacrificed a lot for their physiques. I felt there were loads of disrespect in the article when Mr Ali failed to recognize that but just isolated and zoomed into the fact that these guys were caught in a doping test. It seems like he just wants to put these guys in a bad light to make the news sensational!

Lastly, I find it very very naive, misleading and unfair to single out these seven guys for doping. It’s like a 30-year old virgin telling his peer, “OMG!! You had sex with your girlfriend before marrying?!?! OMG!!”. -_-” Just take a look at the Olympics. You have a 52kg, 19-year old girl lifting 131kg overhead!! You think that’s natural?? I can’t even lift 100kg overhead!! And here’s another thing to consider. Ben Johnson ran the 100m in 9.79s in 1988, and was tested positive for a steroid, stanozolol. Now, the current world record for the 100m is 9.58s by Usain Bolt. You think today’s sprinters are natural? Please, please, before you say anything, don’t give me the bullshit, “But they have better training techniques, diet information and sports equipment today!”. The truth is, it’s impossible to achieve Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physique in the 1970s even with today’s advancement and supplements if you’re natural. Just imagine a normal soldier vs Captain America after taking the Super Serum. No match, right?

If you think that the athletes of all sports today are not doing everything they can to be the best in their field, then you’re just being very naive. If you’re really anti-steroid and want all sports to be natural, then get ready for slower runners, weaker lifters and smaller muscles. Those naive people who think, “Oh! Nobody in sports takes steroids except cheaters! Those things will give you cancer and kill you!”, wake up! Sports will die a slow death and people will not be interested in it anymore. Nobody in particular is to blamed for this condition of sports. It’s just human nature to want to win. If Olympic teams would go to the extent of stepping on a child’s legs to produce champions, what more take a couple of unnatural enhancements?

Want to know more? Click here to watch “Bigger Stronger Faster”, the documentary about drugs and sports which doesn’t cover up anything but just spills out the plain truth. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging steroid usage. I’m just saying to a certain point, athletes MUST take them to survive in today’s world of competitive sports. In fact, if I can live in a parallel universe where steroids never existed, I will. But until I find the Stargate, I can’t. I’m just stating them facts as they are. Please, if you want to take them, do it at your own discretion. Know the side effects. Know what you’re getting into. But the decision of taking it goes to you. I’m not telling you to do it or not to do it.

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