Q&A With Malaysian and Singaporean Bodybuilding and Fitness Champions! Part Two

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Thank you guys for sending in your questions. I have forwarded them to several local champions from Malaysia and Singapore. If you have missed part one of this Q&A with our champs, click here. Now, let’s get it on with another three of our champs.

Malaysia Singapore Bodybuilders

Kevin Chiak

Kevin Chiak Singapore Bodybuilder 2012

Mr Singapore 2010

Q: Should I train my weak body parts with higher intensity compared to my stronger ones? Kelvin Juggernaught

A: I would train every weak and strong bodyparts with equal intensity, however having said that I will then put in extra session for the weaker parts.

Q: Do you eat before or after a morning workout? Tyler Bobbitt

A: I always eat before I work out in the morning. The body will stay anabolic throughout and more so after training . Don’t forget that when you sleep , you would have fasted throughout, so your body needs food to raise the metabolism and replenish the minerals and glycogen while doing so.

Q: How long will it take for a beginner to see a significant increase in muscle mass and strength? Bryan Lim

A: After training many clients whom are beginners, I start to see their strength and body shape up after 6 weeks.

Q: Can you share with us 3 things that are needed to improve the sport of bodybuilding? James Phua

A: One, create more oppotunities of public awareness and exposure for the athletes. Two, proper counseling to improve mental strength of the athletes. Three, proper coaching and grooming.

Q: I want to maximize fat loss while minimizing muscle loss at the same time. What cardio routine is best for both? Bernard Yoon Meng Onn

A: Cardio should be done at about 65 to 75% of the maximum heart rate. And cardio should be targetting at improving the vascularity and health of the heart. Losing fat should be targetted by dieting and anaerobic training.

Mayling Ng

Mayling Ng Fitness Singapore 2012

IFBB Figure & Bikini Competitor
Certified Personal Trainer
Qualified Nutritional Advisor

Q: What do you do when you feel lazy and unmotivated to work out? Zoe Goh

A: I log in my progress and stick to a plan, programs and stats for me to better myself which keeps me motivated and focused!

I also dig deep and think how good I feel after the gym for the rest of the day as exercise really elevates my mood. It’s such a habit and part of my routine as brushing my teeth that I was back in the gym two days after my last competition and even on holidays. In fact, it’s a big part of my holiday as I like training in new places and I blog a review for each gym I train at and make YouTube videos for my channel on www.maylingng.com .

Q: Who were the ones who helped you to be the champion you are today? Jonathan Javicii

A: Growing up no one in my family is into fitness. In fact they are all total opposites as they are in the Restaurant business (https://www.venturerestaurantstenerife.com) and growing up in Spain my friends would rather go shopping or to the pub instead of the gym, so I was always a source of confusion really. Lol!

But I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who was there for me only just last year when I competed in the SFBF Singapore National Bodybuilding, Physique and Bikini Championships last year, winning silver in the bikini category, my first time on stage.
  • Peter Chown (Mr Natural Universe – www.naturalphysique.co.uk) who was my 1st stop as we are great old friends and he always tried to get me to compete. I Skyped him in the UK and he gave me a day’s breakdown of food to follow and alter to my own specifications and the insider tips for the water and sodium intake.
  • Ursula Pong who lives here and amazingly in her 50’s, has competed in Singapore and internationally. She is a beautiful inspiration! At 9 weeks out, when I was stalling on the diet, she gave me a kick up the butt and I got serious! Then again 3 days before hitting the stage I visited her home to practise posing for only 30mins (as she was so busy but she still made the time!). My nerves were gone and was even contemplating pulling out but she encouraged me to go for it and told me I had a great chance in bikini and she was right as I won 2nd, and came 5th in figure.
  • Darren Jenkins, my best friend, travel partner and flat mate who was there through every step, strop and self-doubt. His support was always there and he has been my backbone the last few years since moving to Asia.

Q: Can I drink alcohol? How does it affect my body? Keith Matthew Wong

A: That depends on your goals and lifestyle. Off season I indulge maybe 2-3 nights a month. A few sugar-free cocktails with the girls on the weekend, a beer in the sun or a nice bottle of red when fine dining. However, if I have an event, shoot or a competition coming up, then I won’t touch a drop for weeks to months.

Regarding the effects of your body, here is what alcohol will do to you in excessive amount (more than 35 units a week) over a long period of time.

  • Irregular heartbeat, leading to high blood pressure!
  • Bloating, which is your liver under stress dealing with the alcohol and not able to digest food, leading to liver cirrhosis.
  • Dehydration affecting the kidneys.
  • Damage to brain cells and making them swell, over time causing permanent damage to nerve cells leading to anxiety, depression and lethargy.

Q: Who’s your inspiration in fitness/bodybuilding? Chan Win Sern

A: Honore Cironte (IFBB Masters Mr Olympia). Since I was 16 years old I’ve trained at his gym in Tenerife with photos surrounding the walls of all his glory years on stage around the world and with Arnold, the Hulk, Ronnie and many many more!

After becoming a certified trainer and bringing my business from London to Tenerife (Spain) he supported me, never charging to train or even when bringing in my client to grow my business.

You couldn’t meet a nicer guy, he also speaks French to everyone even the Spanish and the English but we all seem to understand him. Lol.

Q: Do you play or watch other sports besides fitness?

A: I do Kung Fu and weapons training once or twice a week. I also go to a class at www.polefessional.com.sg once a week. All the girls are lovely and friendly, so I sign up here for new routines while using my body weight which I love. Even though I’m also a certified pole instructor and I can do the difficult, strong moves, let’s say I need help in being sexy and graceful. Lol!

Nazri Pulong

Nazri Pulong Bodybuilder

Mr Malaysia 2006

Q: What’s your workout programme and diet like during Ramadan? Zharif Hashim

A: During Ramadan, I will usually train my entire body with compound movements like power clean, bench press, deadlifts, barbell rows and squats after breaking fast. My diet will be high in carbs and supplementation will be the same as any other month.

Q: Is it possible to burn fat while building muscle at the same time? If yes, how do you do it? Lee Guang Yao

A: Yes you can, by performing high intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio after weight training. Increase your duration gradually from 20 minutes in the first month, 30 in the secong and 40 in the third. My favourite mode of cardio is the stepper or spinning bike.

Q: How has bodybuilding affect your social life? Are you strict with your diet during the off season or do you eat out often so you could go out with friends? Ashley Foo

A: Off season means freedom for me. I’ll eat big, get big and enjoy my life. 🙂

Q: What are the most common mistakes of beginners?

A: Having a diet too strict, forgetting the basics of training, not putting importance in the quality of a workout but only in quantity, overdosing on protein, overtraining.

Q: Which cardio is more effective in fat burning? HIIT or SSLI? Chong Ken Yang

A: Both are effective. You just need to know when to use either one of them. If you want to lose weight fast, use HITT. If you want to maintain muscle mass, use SSLI. I use both, SSLI for 2 months then HIIT for the next two.

And that’s it for this post. But wait, there are at least 10 more bodybuilders which I have yet to feature. Don’t wanna miss out on those posts? Then like Fabodylous on Facebook to stay updated! 🙂

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