The Dark Knight Rises Review

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If you enjoy a movie even during the second time you watched it, then you know it’s awesome! That’s how I felt about Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Imma big fan of Christopher and his works. This guy never directs an ordinary movie. It’s never an ordinary “good guy finds his superpowers, then faces an evil force, fights him, beats him and gets the girl” movie. It’s always something new, mindfucking and awesome! Read on for my review of The Dark Knight Rises. Be careful, some spoilers ahead. So it’s not safe for those who have not watched it yet.

The Dark Knight Rises Review

The second time I watched The Dark Knight Rises was thanks to Domino’s, who invited us bloggers to enjoy the movie as well as getting some Dark Knight Rises merchandises and free pizza (I’m not on diet. Don’t look at me like that). You guys can get your hands on some Dark Night Rises posters and limited edition glasses too by heading over to Domino’s.

The Dark Knight Rises Bike

Anyway, back to the movie. If you have not watched The Dark Knight Rises yet, you certainly must. It has everything a great movie must have – a deep story line, great direction, talented actors, a famous and expensive franchise. Probably the only thing missing from it is shape-shifting robots and mind-blowing CGI effects. But if you want a movie full of that, go watch a Michael Bay movie.

Bane Batman The Dark Knight Rises

I didn’t fully understand the movie until I’ve watched it twice. Christopher Nolan has implanted deep emotions and intentions into every character that you must be totally focused to really get the idea of the movie. Thus, get ready for your girlfriend to sleep through the movie and having the explain everything to her afterwards. Batman/Bruce Wayne couldn’t give up the past and the lost of his love, Rachel Dawes and uses it as an excuse to not move on. Alfred Pennyworth remains loyal to the Wayne family and just wants the best for Bruce Wayne. Catwoman/Selina Kyle just wants to erase her dark past and start fresh. Commissioner Jim Gordon also can’t forgive the past of letting Batman take the fall for Harvey Dent/Two Face’s actions. And lastly, Bane and Miranda Tate want to continue the mission of the League of Shadows.

Anne Hathaway The Dark Knight Rises

One thing I love about the Batman franchise is that the villian isn’t just a baddie with strong physical qualities or weapons of mass destruction. Ra’s Al Ghul, The Joker and Bane has something more. They have leadership. They are somehow able to create undying loyalty from their minions. They are intelligent and they are great planners. They don’t just depend on their fighting skills to beat Batman, but plays with his emotions. However, I do think that The Joker was a better villain. Bane was powerful and intimidating. But Joker was sneaky and unpredictable. Perhaps if Bruce Wayne was weaker like in Dark Knight Rises, The Joker could have had him. RIP Heath Ledger. Also, the character Bane in comic books was portrayed as a huge, muscular beast constantly fed with steroids via his mask. I guess they toned it down for the movie, or maybe Jay Cutler rather train for the Olympia than this movie. Hehe.

Bane The Dark Knight Rises

The ending of Dark Knight Rises couldn’t be better, unless of course, you want Batman to die. When all hopes seems to be lost and looks like Batman has to make the ultimate sacrifice, it turns out that he managed to save himself! Although, I must say, that part was kinda unrealistic. Batman has less than two minutes to bring the bomb away from the city by at least six miles. It seems like he brought it away further than that. Thus, from my calculation, he must be travelling at more than 300mph!! Ok. Fine fine! I know you’re probably thinking, “It’s JUST a movie, Wee Kiat. Don’t need to get so worked up by it.” Other than that, it’s great to know that we’ll see more action from Robin and Catwoman in the next movie. Can’t wait!

Here’s my rating. So watch it maybe. 9/10

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