My Most Motivational Counselling Ever!

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Hey guys, something interesting happened just the other day and although I didn’t plan to make it a blog post, somehow, it turned out to be something which I think would be interesting to share. You see, I’m training a couple of guys and girls for an upcoming bodybuilding and fitness contest in Singapore, Muscle War 2013. Dieting starts next week because by then, it would be 12 weeks out. However, one of my girls is having doubts on whether she is able to stick with the 12 weeks diet plan. So, I have motivate her of course. Now, that’s not an easy job cause you can’t just force motivation into someone. It has to come from within that person. But wow, modestly speaking, I wasn’t sure how I did it, but it worked! Check out the conversation between us.

Most Motivational Counselling Ever

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