Personal Update – November 2012

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Hey all, thanks for sticking by and coming back to my blog, even though it’s pretty dead this month. Haha. To summarize my training and progress, it’s probably the same as my blog – dead. I stumbled upon a few setbacks in my bodybuilding journey this month, but I will definitely overcome it. There’s no way I’m gonna let these little things stop me from being the best I can be during Mr Malaysia 2013!

The biggest problem I’m encountering now is chronic diarrhea. This has affected my appetite and digestion, thus I’m unable to eat enough to grow. I’ll be seeing a doctor soon to have that checked. Other than that, schoolwork and exams are piling up, and it’s taking a toll one my mind and motivation. Yea, sucks. Lastly, I just sustained a minor injury recently in my right abdominal muscles. Still hurts. Ouch. Weight wise, I’m still about 85kg, but looking a bit leaner compared to my last update.

Thankfully, there’s a silver lining behind this cloud. I’ve found someone. Someone who keeps me company and motivates me. Someone who loves me and encourages me to fight on. Someone who is in love with fitness and bodybuilding as much as I am. And that’s her right there. 🙂 The photo is blur, but don’t worry, there’ll be better ones to come.

Lai Wee Kiat Bodybuilder

Oh yea, lastly, I’m gonna graduate soon and I’ll be giving personal training lessons. So, if you want me to help you achieve your fitness and physique goals, click here for details and to contact me.

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