Should You Eat Clean Or Dirty During Bulking?

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So this is an age-old question. During bulking, should you be eating only healthy and diet-worthy foods or eat whatever you can get your hands on so that you can jack up your calorie intake to as high as possible?

Eat Clean or Dirty for Bulking

In my opinion, most of us should be eating fairly clean during our off season. Note that I said most, not all. That’s because I’m speaking from my own perspective and experience with my own physique. Some of you may relate to it. Some of you may notice your body reacts differently.

Alright, let’s cut the crap. So why do I eat clean during bulking? I have once tried eating almost whatever I can get my hands on in attempt to put on weight fast. However, I bumped into so many problems in doing so. Firstly, I’m naturally a small eater. I even had chats with some female fitness competitors and they went, “you eat THAT much? I think I eat more than you!” Lol. So what happened when I force in loads of junk into my body? I felt sluggish. My body felt heavy and bloated cause it’s always trying to digest my last meal. And yea, I did gain quite a lot of weight, but much of it was fat and water.

So after that, I switched my diet to something cleaner. It wasn’t 100% clean. However, I ate out only a couple of times in a week. Other than that, I cooked or had a protein shake. I felt so much better. My strength actually went up. I felt more energetic and less bloated. Nope, my weight barely went up, but guess what? I got leaner. And I wasn’t even in cutting mode. When I think back on why is this so, it all makes sense. I was giving my body everything it needs, thus I didn’t need a big appetite. When I was dirty bulking, not only I was forcing so much food into my tiny digestive system, but much of those food is crap and not what my body needed to build itself.

Thus, my recommendation to the bulkers out there  – eat clean. However, remember to listen to your body and judge for yourself if your body is rewarding you or punishing you for what you’re doing. I know some people who can’t make much progress if they don’t force in tonnes of calories into themselves.

And lastly, please don’t think things into the extreme unnecessarily. Of course you’re allowed to eat out. Don’t be anti-social. When your friends ask you out, go ahead and have fun. But during other times, remember to give your body what it needs.

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2 comments on “Should You Eat Clean Or Dirty During Bulking?”

    • Craig
    • January 22, 2013

    Clean is the only way to go. Everyone trying to gain muscle weight can get it much better by increasing their clean protein calorie intake. Clean calories help to increase muscle mass instead of just increasing your weight. Clean calories also give you the nutrients that help you to optimize your muscle gains while taking care of your skin, circulation, energy, and many other things that help you to be a better bodybuilder. Bad calories are wasted calories.

    • boon
    • December 22, 2012

    what sort of pre working foods help in increasing strength and high intensity exercise?


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