14 Weeks Out From Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013

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Here we go again! It’s pre-contest dieting time! I’ve been waiting for this time since Mr Kuala Lumpur last year where I placed 2nd in the welterweight category. Ever since, I felt so motivated to train harder and diet stricter to win my category and hopefully, the overall title too. After my dieting experience last year, I’ve learnt a lot about my body and how it responses to different dieting ratios and carb cycling styles. Plus, I had a good off season and have more muscle compared to last year, 14 weeks out from Mr KL 2012. Thus, I’m expecting myself to show up with a very much improved package and hopefully, that will be enough to steal the show. Here are my 14 weeks out photos.

Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013

Before this, I had a 2 weeks deconditioning period. I did not train intensely during those two weeks. Good thing is right now, my body is ultra responsive to training stimulus. Even squats done slowly, ass to grass with just 100kg make me super sore the next day. Bad thing is, since my deconditioning period coincided with Chinese New Year, all the CNY treats have made me put on some unnecessary blubber. Sigh. Oh well, not like it’s too late for me to cut anyway. 🙂

KL Bodybuilding Championships 2013

For the next two weeks, I will be lean bulking and watching my diet closely. After that, I will be cutting full speed ahead. Here’s my diet plan. As for training, I’m hitting the weights five times per week, lifting moderate weights with full range of motion, focus and concentration. As for cardio, I’m doing HIIT once per week.

Malaysia Bodybuilding Diet

Just like last year, I will be updating you guys on my progress every two weeks. Like my Facebook fan page to stay updated!


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    • Eric
    • February 20, 2013

    Hey bud!
    I am just wondering how to get the wings on your back.
    I have been trying so hard but I never see the wings.
    Sorry I don’t know the terms, but I hope you understand what I refer to.

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