Why Massages Are So Awesome!

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So it was pre-contest period, 1-4 weeks from Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013. And how was I feeling? Like crap! Back’s aching, neck’s stiff and I had a tough time sleeping every night. Well, thank goodness for the existence of massages! After a good, relaxing deep-tissue massage to loosen up those muscle fibres, BAM, I just fall on bed, snoring away to a good night’s sleep.




In all honesty, massages can really help us athletes who push our body to its limits. Remember, recovery is just as important as training. The muscles you break down in the gym, you must let it rest and recover when you’re out of the gym. Here are some other benefits of massages.

#1 Improve blood flow

#2 Enhance immunity

#3 Reduce spasms and cramping

#4 Lessen depression and anxiety

#5 Increase joint flexibility

#6 Relieve migraine pain

#7 Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissues

Sounds awesome doesn’t it? 😉

So what are you waiting for? Go get one and soothe those muscles!


Oh yea, if you’re living in Singapore, you should try Healing Touch. I’ve tried a couple of massage spas and so far, they’re the best. Their outlets are decorated and scented to make you relax and unwind. Their massage therapists are friendly, experienced and awesome at what they’re doing.


Honestly, I’m kinda impressed that their petite therapists could actually give a strong, deep massage. The problem I usually encounter is not getting a deep enough massage because my body is too thick! Lol. Bodybuilder problems. However, not only Healing Touch’s therapists are strong, but they know where to rub or knead where the most sensation can be felt.

Lol!! Pity these two tiny ladies, having to stretch Ronnie Coleman's HUGE legs.
Lol!! Pity these two tiny ladies, having to stretch Ronnie Coleman’s HUGE legs.

Oh! Don’t forget to try out their tea too. The best is of course the ginger too. Honestly, I find it addictive! And it turns out, it’s really popular with other customers too! Seriously, you must try it!

And so, that’s my Healing Touch review. For more updates from them, follow their Facebook page.

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