Advice For Newbies In Fitness

Everytime I step into the gym, I see a few newbies (usually teenagers or senior citizens) who is performing an exercise which they self-invented with horrible form and incomplete reps. And it freaks me out to see them perform six-inch squats, bouncing bench presses or full-body swaying barbell curls. All I can think is, “He’s gonna tear something someday”.

Before I continue, I hope you guys don’t think that I’m looking down on newbies. I’m happy to see youngsters take interest in the sport and hobby which I fell in love with 12 year ago. BUT, if you newbies keep on performing exercises with incorrect form, you might get yourself injured in the process and you’re probably gonna not see any results and waste your time in gym. So here is my number one tip to anyone who wants to step foot in the realms of fitness – SEEK KNOWLEDGE. Simple as that. And here are a few ways to do so.

#1 The Internet Is Your Friend

Bodybuilding Websites

What a wonderful technology we have here! And yes, it’s more useful than just to like statuses, download movies and upload selfies. If you want to learn loads about anything, just ask Google. In fact, if you’re totally lost about weight training and fitness, just search “beginner’s bodybuilding program” or “fitness for dummies”. Websites like and T-Nation provide you with loads of guides and tips. There’s a beginner’s guide on Fabodylous too. If you’re serious about seeing results instead of wasting your hours in the gym, spend some of those hours reading articles on these sites.

#2 Bodybuilding Books & Magazines

Bodybuilding Books Singapore

One advantage of bodybuilding books and magazines is that the author actually took the effort to research on the topic which he is writing about and you could see a short bio and his list of credentials at the intro/back of the book. This is opposed to the Internet where everyone can just post up shit stuff easily, mostly anonymously. Thus, the credibility of book authors are somewhat higher than random forum lurkers. Plus, if you’re reading monthly magazines, you can stay updated with the latest bodybuilding news, researches and events.

#3 Personal Help

There’s only so much books and the Internet can do to help you with your fitness journey. Sometimes, you will need a person to be with you in the gym to show you how to exercise. Also, if you have questions or doubts, their answers will be more personalized towards you. Find an experienced friend or personal trainer to show you how lift and diet properly. Don’t be shy. It’ll make a difference.

WARNING: There are tonnes of smartasses (especially Herbalife members) who think they know loads about fitness but they’re just talking crap. I don’t want to sound mean or arrogant but seriously, this matter is really getting out of hand. Many people think that fitness is all about common sense and there’s no need to have real, scientific evidence or at least years of experience to prove their beliefs are right. Some of them might have good intentions but bad advice given with good intentions is still bad advice. In my gym at Clementi, I see many newbies teaching newbies. The worse case is this certain old man who is going around teaching and advising people who are wayyy more experienced than him how to lift. And yes, he does “invent” his own exercises too and doesn’t listen to anyone who is trying to advise him. If you have ever trained at Clementi Clubfitt, you know who I’m talking about. 🙂

Last but not least, my dear new brothers and sisters in fitness, have perseverance and dedication. Seeing results will take loads of time and effort. However, it will be worth it AND if you make it fun and enjoyable, you won’t even feel like you’re trying at all. Here are a few tweets to motivate you. 🙂

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