Muscle & Fitness War 2014 Results & Photos

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Wow! What an exciting Muscle & Fitness War it was! Congratulations to everyone who participated, especially those in the top 5! Whatever your placing is, I’m sure you’ve learnt a lot, gained new experience and proved to yourself and others that you have what it takes to go through tough training and strict dieting. Here are the results of MFW2014. Hundreds of photos from the event will be uploaded on’s Facebook Page soon.

Men’s Tertiary Below 170cm


1. Dex Tey

2. Michael Marc Ong

3. Muhammad Al-Ansari Kamsani

4. Fazul Idham bin Ibrahim

5. Ashley Foo

Men’s Tertiary Above 170cm

Muscle War 2014

1. Ahmad Zaki bin Jamaludin

2. Lam Yi He

3. Eugene Cheong

4. Mitcher Pang

5. Sherman Chia

Ladies’ Body Fitness

Singapore Female Fitness

1. Yvonne Chong

2. Angeline Pham

3. Jane Chua

4. Eva Komarudin

5. Madeleine Png

Men’s Open

Bodybuilding Singapore

1. Dex Tey

2. Alex Javier

3. Ahmad Zaki bin Jamaludin

4. Zakaria Normat

5. Benjamin Broughton

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