Xtreme Gold’s Gym Jurong Review

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When describing a gym, there are many fancy words which could be used – well-equipped, conducive, etc. But there’s one word which says it all for Xtreme Gold’s Gym Jurong, and that word is EXTREME. Read on to find out why.

#1 EXTREME Bodybuilding

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Xtreme has a line-up of personal trainers which resembles the Singapore dream team of bodybuilding. Their directors, Lex Tan and Shahanizar bin Johar (also known as Shah) have a long list of local bodybuilding victories. Shah alone has won 7 local bodybuilding titles, including 2012 Muscle War and 2011 HomeTeamNS bodybuilding contest. More recently, one of Xtreme’s trainers, Dex Tey dominated the stage at Muscle War 2014 to win both the tertiary and men’s open titles! So now you should ask yourself, “Should I train with these guys who pitted themselves against the best and came out on top, or someone who doesn’t have first-hand experience in building the most alpha body ever?”

#2 EXTREME Experience

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All personal trainers at Xtreme have a long list of fitness qualifications and years of experience in the fitness industry and sport. Whatever your fitness needs are, you’re in good hands with Team Xtreme.

#3 EXTREME Variety


Sick of your normal training regime? At Xtreme Gold’s Gym, you have access to a huge array of training equipment including free weights, conventional gym equipments, medicine balls, spinning bikes, cardio equipment, boxing equipment, TRX and ropes.

#4 EXTREME Results

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Click here to check out what people are saying about their training experience at Xtreme Gold’s Gym!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a gym, give Xtreme Gold’s Gym a try!

Xtreme Gold’s Gym, 2 International Business Park

The Strategy #01-05 Singapore 609930

Tel: 90255248 / 97948193

Website: www.sgxtremefitness.com

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