Top 10 Things Bodybuilders Are Sick Of Hearing

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Being a bodybuilder isn’t an easy task. You have control your diet, limit alcohol and late nights out and toil it out at the gym. But you know what makes all these worse? People who don’t understand bodybuilding saying the following things to us.

Things To Say To Irritate Bodybuilders

#1 “You are too big”

Errr… Too big for what? Too big for mainstream preference? Too big for YOUR preference? None of those two are of our concern. We want to be big to dominate the stage and to lift heavy ass weight!

Because why be small when you can be jacked?
Because why be small when you can be jacked?

#2 “How can you eat like that everyday?”

We want to ask you the same thing too. How can you eat so much unhealthy food everyday? We are used to our diets and we love eating this way. Plus, with the rise of flexible dieting, we’re able to still eat some junk food and still stay lean.

The Rock IIFYM
The Rock says, “Watcha lookin’ at? It fits my macros.”

#3 “Why do bodybuilders make themselves so dark and shiny on stage?”

So we don’t look like this guy.

Bodybuilder Fail

#4 “Your girls are too manly”

That’s because you think all girls who lift look like this…

Iris Kyle Female Bodybuilder

…when they actually look like this.

Singapore Female Fitness Models

#5 “Eeee… I don’t like buffed guys”

Nobody cares.


#6 “That guy is big because he is on steroids”

Whoever the person who said this is talking about MAY or may NOT be on steroids, but one thing is for sure – he didn’t get that big BECAUSE of steroids. No doubt steroids might have helped him but the main reasons why he is big and ripped is because he trained his ass off and he watches what he eats. AND one more thing! People who keep saying this aren’t really concerned about the side effects of steroids. They are saying it to act like moralfags and they want to discredit a bodybuilder’s hard work so they don’t feel bad about themselves being lazy and not obtaining an alpha physique.


#7 “Is bodybuilding a sport?”

Yes it is…

Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013 Posedown

And it rocks!

#8 “Supplements are bad for your liver”

And where did you hear that from? Your friend, who heard it from another friend, who heard it from another friend and none of you bother to even Google the truth of it?

Creatine Is a steroid

#9 “Please put the weight down softly”

Well, in defense of gym instructors, some lifters do slam the weight unnecessarily and grunt loudly even when they’re just doing forearm curls. For those cases, those guys deserves to be told off. However, I’m talking about gym instructors who expect us to put down a 200kg barbell which we just deadlifted without a single sound. Why don’t YOU show us how to do it and then we’ll do the same too?

Let's not encourage a Planet Fitness-ish culture.
Let’s not encourage a Planet Fitness-ish culture.

#10 “Bodybuilders have small dicks”

How do you even know this? Have you been looking at photos of naked bodybuilders? Wow. Someone’s got a fetish. I’ve been bodybuilding for 12 years and I have a huge dick. Serious. *Deal with it*

Yea sure, go ahead and tell Ulisses Jr point #10.
Yea sure, go ahead and tell Ulisses Jr point #10.

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