Natural Healings: Boost Your Body’s Self-Recovery Abilities!

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Chiropractic is basically the realignment of the spinal column to fit the optimal position for nerve signalling, organ function and pain relief. As the spine is the main highway for nerve signals to the entire body, this implies a lot of things. Firstly, if your spine isn’t in its proper position, your spinal nerves could be pinched, restricting your nervous system’s function and causing other ailments.

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So how does chiropractic help us fitness lovers in our pursuit for a better body? If you know how the muscle-building process works, you would know that when we’re pushing our physical limits in the gym, we’re actually breaking down our muscles. And when we eat and sleep, our bodies fix themselves, repairing the muscle damage and making it stronger. According to Tyler Chiropractic, chiropractic treatments can adjust the body to its most natural and optimal musculoskeletal position, allowing optimal mobility and recovery.

Last month, I visited Natural Healings to learn how I can optimize my recovery. Plus, I have this nagging pain on my upper back and I read that chiropractic treatment can fix that too.

Here’s Natural Healing’s Jurong branch.

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When it’s your first time there, you’ll get a quick run-through of what’s chiropractic is really about.

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For the doctor to make an accurate assessment of what spinal misalignments you may have, they require you to take an x-ray. So I did and OMG!! So that’s why I have upper back/neck pains!! My head was tilted forward significantly. Therefore, my trapezius and neck muscles have to work extra hard to hold it in place! Red line shows the alignment of my spine. Blue line shows the optimal alignment.


Getting my treatment done. Each chiropractic session lasts only a few minutes and you can feel the relief immediately after each treatment. The sound of your back and neck cracking might be freaky, but there’s no pain at all. AT ALL.

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Natural Healings also offers other functional wellness and physical rehabilitation treatments, all which you can read about at their website, Here’s me getting a physiotherapy session. Again, Natural Healings does a detailed assessment for each of their clients to find out what problems their body might suffer. For me, my lower body has optimal function and mobility, which probably explains why I can squat ass-to-grass so easily. However, my shoulder mobility is limited and therefore needs to be fixed.

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If you’re having mobility issues, tight muscles or bad posture, you should really get these problems fixed. These problems will affect your performance and recovery. Unsure if your spine is in optimal position? Contact Natural Healings for a check up!


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    This reminds me that I need to see my chiropractor for my back injury from lifting

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