Author: Wee Kiat


Muscle & Fitness War 2014 Preview

The upcoming annual Muscle & Fitness War bodybuilding & fitness contest will be held at University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore on 11 January 2014. Fueled by the rise of the popularity of bodybuilding and fitness in general, Muscle & Fitness War 2014 has broken the record of having the most contestants ever in […]


Why Massages Are So Awesome!

So it was pre-contest period, 1-4 weeks from Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013. And how was I feeling? Like crap! Back’s aching, neck’s stiff and I had a tough time sleeping every night. Well, thank goodness for the existence of massages! After a good, relaxing deep-tissue massage to loosen up those muscle fibres, BAM, I just […]

Diet Fun People

Post-Mr KL 2013 Food Trip!

I guess it’s a habit now. The day right after a contest, I just must ravage the restaurants of the town I’m in for the best foods available. Click here to check out what I had last year after Mr KL 2012. After all, after weeks of dieting and eating chicken breasts, eggs, broccoli, sweet […]