5 Awesome And Important Tips For First-Time Bodybuilding Competitors!

07 Dec

Participating in a bodybuilding contest gives me a certain high. Being on stage in my best shape and showing everyone the fruits of my labour and 12 weeks of strict dieting couldn’t get any better. But along with it comes a lot of sacrifice and emotions. Those who have dieted for a contest before (or currently dieting for one), you know what I’m talking about. Here are some tips for future bodybuilding competitors to maximize the joy of competing and to minimize the pains that come with it.

Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013 Winner
Winning Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013 is a feeling I will never forget!

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Arnold & The 60s!

09 Jun

Most of us know about the Arnold Schwarzenegger and the 70s. Dominant. Alpha. The champion. By the end of the 70s, Arnold has already won seven Mr Olympia titles and his name is already held high and spoken about by people around the world! However, people tend to forget about the humble beginnings of the legendary Austrian Oak.

At the end of his bodybuilding career, Arnold had already won 7 Mr Olympia titles. However, what's more inspirational is how thing legendary champ came about.
At the end of his bodybuilding career, Arnold had already won 7 Mr Olympia titles. However, what’s more inspirational is how thing legendary champ came about.

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Post-Mr KL 2013 Food Trip!

02 Jun

I guess it’s a habit now. The day right after a contest, I just must ravage the restaurants of the town I’m in for the best foods available. Click here to check out what I had last year after Mr KL 2012. After all, after weeks of dieting and eating chicken breasts, eggs, broccoli, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and almonds continuously, I’m sooooo ready to release the craving monster in me! Plus, this time, it’s also a celebration for my win at Mr KL! 😀 So check out the awesome food my girl, Amanda & I had post-Mr KL!

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Exclusive Interview With Ronnie Coleman 2012

29 Nov

In conjunction with the launch of his new supplement line, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, Ronnie is now touring across South East Asia and other parts of the world promoting and educating consumers about RCSS. In Singapore, Fitlion has partnered with Ronnie so you guys could learn more about RCSS and most of all, meet and greet the living bodybuilding legend himself! And thanks to Fitlion and F1 Recreation, I was able to interview Ronnie Coleman and ask him some of the questions which you guys have forwarded to me. So check out how the interview went.

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Q&A With Malaysian and Singaporean Bodybuilding and Fitness Champions! Part One

09 Aug

Alright, so I thought, wouldn’t it be boring if readers just read stuff from my perspective? So I collected some questions from you, my dear readers on Fabodylous’ Facebook fan page and forwarded them to some local (Malaysian and Singaporean) bodybuilders and fitness competitors! So here is what they have to say. Enjoy and learn!! 🙂

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75-Year Old Female Bodybuilder, Ernestine Shepherd Still Going Strong

02 Jul

Ernestine Shepherd has gained tonnes of popularity over the net lately for being the world’s oldest female bodybuilder. So why is there so much buzz round her? Well, the obvious answer would be because it’s very VERRYYY rare to find a lady her age pumping iron. Like, duh.

Ernestine Shepherd

BUT, in my opinion, it’s not just the fact that she’s one-of-the-kind. It’s also because she’s pursuing an interest which she is most disadvantageous in and she’s kicking ass! Think about, what person would be most hormonal-ly and biologically advantaged to build muscle? It would be guys, of course AND a guy who is in his 20s. Ernestine is the total opposite of that! She’s a 75-year-old grandma!

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How To Look Younger: Tips For Aging Gracefully

03 Mar

How to Look Younger

Hi. My name is Ursula Pong and I was recently invited to join the team of bloggers at Fabodylous started by Lai Wee Kiat.

I am a High School Physical Education and Health teacher specializing in fitness and have been involved in the fitness industry for twenty plus years. I will be blogging primarily about fitness/health issues amongst the baby boomer population and create a platform for those interested in finding out information on how to age gracefully and how to move efficiently. This can be helpful for the younger generation too as you can share this information with your parents or relatives who are baby boomers and use this information to invest in your body and brain before you move in to your 40’s and 50’s. If you’re wondering why I am targeting the boomer population, it is because I am one myself as I turn 53 years old this year. I am still very active in the fitness scene having just competed in a couple of figure competitions in the last two years as well as going in to the boxing ring as an almost 50 year old. I also plan on competing in another figure competition this year. I am very passionate about inspiring fitness and changing lives through education regardless of age.
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Fabodylous Photography – Christmas Time in Kuala Lumpur City

05 Jan
This post has nothing to do about bodybuilding. However, if you’re a fan of photography, feel free to check it out and gimme your comments/opinions/thoughts/tips! 🙂

If you guys don’t know it yet, I’ve been a big fan of photography since I got my first non-focus film camera when I was 11. And as far as I remember, my photos have been featured in a local national newspaper, The Star 15 times. Not that I was very good or anything. Just that I always had a compact camera with me everywhere I go (phone cameras weren’t as good then). Damn I sound old! Anyway, in the joyous mood for holidays, a couple of friends and I decided to have an outing to capture some great shots. Location? Kuala Lumpur City, where there are plenty of Christmas decors. Enjoy! Read more