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Workout For Women

Here’s a workout program that is suitable for the ladies. I took out some exercises which, in my opinion, will make women look masculine. Plus, I concentrate on exercises that train muscles most women will be interested to tone up such as the butt, arms and waist. These workouts are also in a form of […]

For The Ladies Gaining Mass Losing Weight Training

The Secrets to Achieving Your Dream Body

A lot of bodybuilding, weight loss and fitness websites or blogs talk about exterior factors that influence changes to our body – diet, training, supplements, recovery and maybe even steroids. But the “secrets” that I’m going to explain below will not involve any training, dieting or supplementing. It’s about the underlying reasons that make the […]

For The Ladies Losing Weight Training

How to Lose Weight Fast: Part Seven: Training Programme

So, now that we’ve covered dieting and supplementation, it’s time we get to the training part. Now, there’s so much misconception about training, especially when it comes to women’s training. So let me dedicate a few paragraphs to clear up these misconceptions. Misconception 1: Dieting Without Exercise WorksNo, it doesn’t. Not even close. Let’s say […]