Post-Mr KL 2013 Food Trip!

02 Jun

I guess it’s a habit now. The day right after a contest, I just must ravage the restaurants of the town I’m in for the best foods available. Click here to check out what I had last year after Mr KL 2012. After all, after weeks of dieting and eating chicken breasts, eggs, broccoli, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and almonds continuously, I’m sooooo ready to release the craving monster in me! Plus, this time, it’s also a celebration for my win at Mr KL! 😀 So check out the awesome food my girl, Amanda & I had post-Mr KL!

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Exclusive Interview With Ronnie Coleman 2012

29 Nov

In conjunction with the launch of his new supplement line, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, Ronnie is now touring across South East Asia and other parts of the world promoting and educating consumers about RCSS. In Singapore, Fitlion has partnered with Ronnie so you guys could learn more about RCSS and most of all, meet and greet the living bodybuilding legend himself! And thanks to Fitlion and F1 Recreation, I was able to interview Ronnie Coleman and ask him some of the questions which you guys have forwarded to me. So check out how the interview went.

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The Dark Knight Rises Review

05 Aug

If you enjoy a movie even during the second time you watched it, then you know it’s awesome! That’s how I felt about Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Imma big fan of Christopher and his works. This guy never directs an ordinary movie. It’s never an ordinary “good guy finds his superpowers, then faces an evil force, fights him, beats him and gets the girl” movie. It’s always something new, mindfucking and awesome! Read on for my review of The Dark Knight Rises. Be careful, some spoilers ahead. So it’s not safe for those who have not watched it yet.

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Post-Mr KL Food Trip!!

23 Jun

Warning: This post contains explicit photos of delicious, sugar-laden and carb-rich foods. DO NOT VIEW if you’re currently on a strict diet! 🙂

I wish I could look the way I do now all year round. In fact, I’m already controlling my diet starting from 3 days after competing. My aim is to gain as much muscle as possible with the least amount of fat gain. I will home cook everything and eat out only on occasions…

Bodybuilder in KL


Today is the day right after Mr Kuala Lumpur and the only thing on my mind is FOOOD!!! Plus, I promised my friend (and Mr KL backstage helper), Ashley who came all the way down from Singapore that I will bring him on a food trip today around Kuala Lumpur. Read more

Support Fabodylous at the 2012 Singapore Blog Awards!

28 May

So, just for fun, I signed up Fabodylous for the 2012 Singapore Blog Awards a month ago and just last week, a friend of mine messaged me “Congratulations Wee Kiat! You got into the top ten!”. Yay! I guess to me, that’s already an achievement because there were like, about a hundred bloggers who signed up for the category I got shortlisted for.

BUT this is just the beginning! From now until 31st June, you guys can help me nab the top spot for my category, “Best Individual Blog”!

All you have to do is to go to the link below

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sign up for an account and vote for me! Currently, I’m leading in votes. But it’s a long way to go until voting period ends. So help me stay on top! 🙂 Singapore Blog Awards 2012

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The Singapore Flyer Singapore Sling Flight

07 Apr

The Singapore Flyer has just launched a new service for those who want an awesome, unforgettable and romantic experience! If a normal ride on one of the biggest and classiest observation wheel in the world isn’t exciting and memorable enough, then try this package!

Singapore Flyer Singapore Sling Flight

It is called the Singapore Sling Flight package. Guests will enjoy a ride on the Singapore Flyer in a special ultra-classy club-like VIP cabin called the Champagne Capsule by Moët and Chandon (only two out of 28 capsules). In addition to that, guests will be served with a glass of freshly mixed Singapore Sling, Singapore’s national all-time classic cocktail on the flyer itself! That plus the BOSE speaker in the cabin playing the latest club hits (or you can plug in your own music player if you prefer Justin Bieber or erm… The Bee Gees) will make your experience awesome beyond level 9000!!!

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