Why You Should Never “Dirty Bulk”

07 Jul


Should I Dirty Bulk


Dirty bulk is vaguely defined as building muscle aggressively without any caring about how much fat you’ll gain along the way. Some people do it. And others prefer “lean bulking”, which means gaining muscle mass with minimal fat gain. I’m against dirty bulking. In my opinion, if you’re a bodybuilder, your goals are always to build or maintain as much muscle mass as possible while losing or maintaining as little fat as possible. It’s just that when you’re bulking, building muscle mass takes top priority and when you’re cutting, you focus on losing fat. However, you never totally abandon a goal while focusing on the other. Read more

Q&A With Malaysian and Singaporean Bodybuilding and Fitness Champions! Part One

09 Aug

Alright, so I thought, wouldn’t it be boring if readers just read stuff from my perspective? So I collected some questions from you, my dear readers on Fabodylous’ Facebook fan page and forwarded them to some local (Malaysian and Singaporean) bodybuilders and fitness competitors! So here is what they have to say. Enjoy and learn!! 🙂

Malaysian And Singaporean Bodybuilders Read more

How To Build Muscle With $100 Per Month?

31 May

A few days ago, a young student (probably 18) who isn’t earning any income and works out at the same gym as me asked me, “Hey man, I can only spare $100 each month from my allowances to buy protein and supplements. What should I get?”

So this is my advice to every young chap who is a beginner and has only about S$100 (or RM250/US$80) each month to spend on building muscle. This is of course, assuming that you already have at least 3 good meals per day and this is simply an addition. Lastly, this is not OPTIMAL but if will build you the most muscle (with good training and recovery) for that amount of money.

You should spend that S$100 on… Read more

Preventing Burnout and Muscle Damage in Bodybuilders

26 Mar

Preventing Burnout and Muscle Damage in Bodybuilders

As a nutrition coach, it always amazes me how much time athletes and bodybuilders focus on working out, performance, and performance-based nutrition yet often ignore the science of nutrition and muscle damage or muscle repair.

Every bodybuilder knows that the basic process of building stronger muscles involves breaking down muscle fibers so that they can rebuild and regrow even bigger and stronger. Yet when you look at 99% of bodybuilding supplements or nutrition tips for athletes, it’s almost always about performance.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the flashy ads about saying things like, “Take this creatine and GET RIPPED!” or “Drink this protein shake and watch your muscles BULGE!” and many of you have probably even looked into things like anabolic steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU BUILD A STRONG BODY LONG-TERM!

The very process of muscle growth should give you a hint about the role of nutrition in increasing muscle strength and performance. Think about it – your body literally has to tear muscle fibers in order to make them grow. Thus, the entire process of muscle growth is actually a process of muscle repair! It’s not really growth at all (in the sense of normal growth, such as when a child grows from 4’10 to 5’1).

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Personal Training Info & FAQ

01 Oct
  • Personal Training – $100 per session (single session) or S$80 per session (minimum purchase of 10 sessions)
  • Online Training – S$25 per week (minimum purchase of 10 weeks)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a girl and I just want to be lean and fit. I don’t want to be bulky and masculine. Is your personal training services suitable for me?

I get this a lot. It’s a MYTH that ladies will get muscular if they weight train. The truth is, women don’t have the natural testosterone and genetic make up to be as muscular as men. Instead, you can expect to be stronger, leaner and sexier while still looking feminine if you weight train. And yes, I do tailor training programs for ladies too.

Personal Training For Women Singapore

Do you offer group training?

I don’t offer group training. However, I do offer buddy training, where I train you and a friend of yours at the same time for $120/session (total).

What exactly is online training?

Online training is where I will create a diet and training plan customized for you and guide you through it. I will also track your progress and make tweaks in the program along the way. Throughout the program, you could also ask me anything relevant to training, dieting and fitness in general. This training method is only recommended for intermediate trainees who have at least a few months of training experience under their belt.

I hate diets and I love food. Must I really go on a strict diet to see the results I want?

I love food too! However, nutrition is just as important as training if you want to see results in your physique. That being said, you don’t need to adhere to a strict diet to get results. Instead, I will provide guidelines. These guidelines will tell you what you should be eating most of the time and what foods to eat only occasionally. Lastly, eating healthy should be a lifestyle, not a temporary diet. If you take the first step to start eating healthier, soon it will become a habit and you won’t even feel like you’re on any diets.

Have questions which are not answered here? Just fill up the form below and ask away.

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Breaking Plateaus

09 Mar
A plateau is when you stop making any physical gains either in gaining muscle mass, losing fat or gaining strength. Now, there are plenty of articles on Bodybuilding.com about advanced methods of pushing your body to its limit and shocking your muscles to grow. However, this article won’t be written in such form. That’s because you guys are on different levels of training. Most of you guys, unless you’re already competing at a high level of competition, won’t need such shocking technique as you have not covered your basics.

breaking plateaus

During my nine years of training, my progress were in steps. Sudden spurt in gains, followed by a plateau, then another spurt, plateau, repeat. A spurt happens when I learn something new about bodybuilding or implement something new into my programme. So here’s a record of what changes I’ve made to my programme that created those spurts. Note that I was young, did not know any bodybuilders personally and the Internet was pretty raw with bodybuilding information back then. If I had the money and right info, I would have done what I’m doing now. So if you have the money, seriously, do yourself a favour and hire an experienced personal trainer. It may be expensive, but you’ll save yourself many years of effort.

So take a look at my progression, find out which stage are you at, and follow what I did to experience your own growth spurt.

Age: 11 Weight:36kg

Pre-bodybuilding Wee Kiat.

So my bodybuilding journey begins! My only guide back then was my aunt, who was just an occasional gym-goer and the old edition (yellow front page) of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, which is honestly, pretty outdated, even at that time. Believe me, I love the book so much and I’ve read it and looked at the photos at least twenty times. However, I was overtraining (training up to two and a half hours one session), with too little frequency (once or twice a week) and didn’t have the right technique. But I did make gains because after all, the untrained body gains muscle easily with whatever stimulus it gets. And I was eating six meals a day already, even though it’s low-protein crap such as bread, instant noodles, leftovers. Still, I include this step because I have so many people who tell me that they wanna transform their body but have yet to touch any weights (doing only push ups and sit ups) and not eating enough meals. So if you’re not even at this step, do it!

Age: 13 Weight: 50kg

Damn! Look at those skinny arms! Age 15 in this photo.

Training is the same. Still with the crappy technique while not stressing the targeted muscle enough. The biggest change I’ve made at this time was that I started taking supplements. I started with the very basic, whey and creatine monohydrate. Other than that, I added meat to my six meals too. However, because I lack the cooking skills, all I had were eggs, sausages and sandwich ham. Eggs are great but sausages and sandwich ham are not pure meat, therefore not as effective. Still, I hit a few milestones at this age, such as being able to bench my own weight, perform several chin ups without assistance and have a few tiny muscle bumps popping out.

Age: 17 Weight: 67kg

On stage during Mr Kuala Lumpur 2008.

College starts! And I got my driver’s license too so I could travel to further gyms. So I signed up with a better gym. It has more weights, more machines and most importantly, a more hardcore and supportive community. By now, with more knowledge about current training programmes, I’ve reduced my volume to a more appropriate number of sets (around 6 to 10 working sets per body part). And yes, 6 to 10 sets is too low for most situations, but it was better than 20-25 sets that the skinny Lai Wee Kiat did at age 11. Also, I was training more often. Three to four times a week, to be exact. At this time, I had some bulk already. Also, I established a better mind-muscle connection, so my exercises had more specific stress on the muscle I was targeting.

Age: 19 Weight: 72kg

Time for the final chapter of my formal education – tertiary education at the National University of Singapore. Before I started my university life, I worked for one year, abandoned my training and lost a lot of momentum and some muscle mass. However, if this happens and you restart your training programme, your muscles will grow and adapt quickly because of “muscle memory”. This year, I increased my volume to 12 to 16 sets per bodypart and I took more supplements – weight gainer and BCAA. My strength increased a lot, my big lifts were 100kg+ and in just two months, I went from 72kg to 75kg. If I had any weakness in my programme, it would be me missing meals.

Age: 20 Weight: 75kg
muscular back
At Mr Kuala Lumpur 2010

After competing in Mr Kuala Lumpur 2010, my weight rebounded from contest eight of 67kg to 75kg. Pretty much abandoned training to focus on my studies. Training was three times a week. Diet has lots of missing meals. Until…

Age: 20 Weight: 76kg
December 2010. Exams are over and I wanted to take advantage of this period to bulk up. And I did. If you look at this post – Bulking Up, I made loads of gains. My supplement stack was comprehensive (Multivitamins, fish oil, whey, protein isolate blend, creatine, arginine, test booster, CLA, etc) and I trained five to six times a week. Missing meals were rare, perhaps only a few times a week. In the end, I got up to 83kg, and was stronger than ever.

So there’s my chronicle of how I broke my plateaus. For guys who are already doing what I’m doing plus more, sorry but I can’t help you from first hand experience. But perhaps you might *cough*consider steroids*cough*. 🙂

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Before and After

04 Feb
Hi guys! Sorry for the infrequent updates. I’ve been slacking in my blogging. However, I’ve definitely not been slacking in my training. So as written in my Bulking Up post, I’ve set some goals for myself and the deadline was on 15th Jan. So how I did, I hear you ask. These after photos were taken on 17th Jan (aww, don’t make a big fuss about two days). Visually, there’s not much difference. But I certainly feel VERY different. Read on to find out what I mean.

And here are my stats. I did not reach my goals 🙁 but come to think about it, I might have set my goals too high. After all, from the start of my program (10th Dec) until 28th Jan, I’ve made more progress and gains than I did in the past twelve months!

10th December 2010
Weight: 76kg
Chest: 40.5″
Waist: 32.25″
Arms: 15″
Thighs: 23.5″

17th January 2010
Weight: 79.5kg
Chest: 41.3″
Waist: 32.5″
Arms: 15.4″
Thighs: 23.8″

28th January 2010
Weight: 81.5kg
Chest: 42.2″
Waist: 32.5″
Arms: 15.7″
Thighs: 24″

And yes, right now, I can’t wear many of my previously body-hugging clothes and many of my previously loose-fitting clothes are now tight! My strength levels has shot up too! I’ve gained 20kg in my bench press! As for my max squat and deadlift, it went up during the first few weeks but I have to tone it down due to a back sprain. More on that later. Many people noticed my gains. I’m back home in Kuala Lumpur now so my family members were astounded that I’m this big now.

Most importantly, in the process of training, dieting and making such gains, I’ve learnt loads. And I’ll be sharing them with you guys in this post!

If you enjoy your life, working out won’t seem like work at all
I was in Kuala Lumpur most of the time in December and it was the holidays. So,

School + Outings Everyday + Cheap and Delicious Food = Fun! Fun! Fun!

Needless to say, I jump out of bed everyday, looking forward to seize the day. When it’s time to hit the gym, I’m all pumped up physically and mentally. In short, productivity went up! When I came back to Singapore, the inevitable happened – my stress levels increased (yes, Singapore is a very stressful country!). However, I try my best to make my stay in Singapore fun and now it is! It’s funny when you have more fun, your productivity goes up instead of down. So try to love what you’re doing, and you’ll find yourself sincerely loving it more!

Form habits of eating, training and sleeping consistently
Go to the gym five times a week, eat six times a day. FORCE yourself to do it. At first, it will seem like slavery. After that, it’s daily life. I’m going to the gym almost everyday now, even when I’m tired. I’m eating six times a day now, even if the meal has to be just a protein shake (although I try my best to get real food in).

When you’re pushing yourself to the max, warming up and injury prevention becomes more important
That’s right. And your lower back and rotator cuffs (shoulder joint) should get most of your attention. I lightly sprained my back while training in mid-December and my right shoulder in mid-January. Nothing serious, but the back injury was enough to hold my progress back. So remember, add an extra warm up set to your exercise routine if you’re pushing your body to its limits.

Gains are addictive
Once you’ve gained a kilogram of muscle and your main lifts increased by several pounds, you’ll be happy. And when that happens, what would wanna do? GAIN more muscles and strength! The compliments from the people who noticed the difference in you helps a lot too. So try your best to get the initial gain in muscle. It will be a great source of motivation and all you would want to do after that is to keep on going.

Bodybuilding contests are motivating
Let’s face it. When you have an above-average body and you’re with average people, you don’t feel the need to push yourself. Some guy just added me on Facebook telling me that he’s into bodybuilding and his profile picture is a shirtless photo of him. I asked him why would he post that photo on his profile and he actually thinks that he is muscular. But in actual fact… er… you get the idea.

Anyway, on January 22nd, I attended Muscle War 2011. And wow! Seeing so many bodybuilders in their best condition is really making me kiasu (afraid of losing) and motivated me to put in more effort in my training. So, attend bodybuilding contests, grab some popcorn (without caramel, please. and sprinkle some whey on it too) and imagine yourself on stage for the next contest!

Fat is good
Fuck the media for portraying fat to be evil! If you’re eating a “healthy” cup of yoghurt which advertises to be 99% fat free but has 20% of sugars, throw that cup away now. When your fat intake is high, your body will definitely benefit from the better cholesterol profile and your workouts will improve. Plus, it’s an efficient way to add calories to your bulking diet without increasing insulin-spiking carbs. And when I say fat is good, go crazy on the olive oil, not the junk food.

Last note: I promise to update Fabodylous more often.

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