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Q&A With Malaysian and Singaporean Bodybuilding and Fitness Champions! Part One

Alright, so I thought, wouldn’t it be boring if readers just read stuff from my perspective? So I collected some questions from you, my dear readers on Fabodylous’ Facebook fan page and forwarded them to some local (Malaysian and Singaporean) bodybuilders and fitness competitors! So here is what they have to say. Enjoy and learn!! 🙂

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Breaking Plateaus

A plateau is when you stop making any physical gains either in gaining muscle mass, losing fat or gaining strength. Now, there are plenty of articles on about advanced methods of pushing your body to its limit and shocking your muscles to grow. However, this article won’t be written in such form. That’s because […]

Gaining Mass

Before and After

Hi guys! Sorry for the infrequent updates. I’ve been slacking in my blogging. However, I’ve definitely not been slacking in my training. So as written in my Bulking Up post, I’ve set some goals for myself and the deadline was on 15th Jan. So how I did, I hear you ask. These after photos were […]