Why You Should Never “Dirty Bulk”

07 Jul


Should I Dirty Bulk


Dirty bulk is vaguely defined as building muscle aggressively without any caring about how much fat you’ll gain along the way. Some people do it. And others prefer “lean bulking”, which means gaining muscle mass with minimal fat gain. I’m against dirty bulking. In my opinion, if you’re a bodybuilder, your goals are always to build or maintain as much muscle mass as possible while losing or maintaining as little fat as possible. It’s just that when you’re bulking, building muscle mass takes top priority and when you’re cutting, you focus on losing fat. However, you never totally abandon a goal while focusing on the other. Read more

My Most Motivational Counselling Ever!

11 Oct

Hey guys, something interesting happened just the other day and although I didn’t plan to make it a blog post, somehow, it turned out to be something which I think would be interesting to share. You see, I’m training a couple of guys and girls for an upcoming bodybuilding and fitness contest in Singapore, Muscle War 2013. Dieting starts next week because by then, it would be 12 weeks out. However, one of my girls is having doubts on whether she is able to stick with the 12 weeks diet plan. So, I have motivate her of course. Now, that’s not an easy job cause you can’t just force motivation into someone. It has to come from within that person. But wow, modestly speaking, I wasn’t sure how I did it, but it worked! Check out the conversation between us.

Most Motivational Counselling Ever

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Weight Loss For Bodybuilders

18 Aug

As a bodybuilder, losing weight, or more specifically losing fat, is not always easy. The main problem is that you don’t want your weight loss to be at the expense of muscle tone, and you need to keep up a healthy diet. If you go wrong, you can end up undoing your good work, so maintaining a balance is essential. This is the key to having a desirable body.

One of the best ways you can do this is by using a supplement. There are many on the market, and they all aim to help you lose excess weight by boosting your metabolism, giving you more energy and therefore burning fat. The best products on the market are the ones that don’t make you crash after giving you all of this.

Of course, supplements alone are not sufficient. You have to keep training and eating properly, or you could risk losing muscle tone, or enjoying no benefits whatsoever. Think of weight loss pills as a helping hand rather than a solution to all of your problems; this is the most effective way of using them.

When you’re choosing a product, it’s always a good idea to do some research beforehand. Check out what other people in your position have to say about it before believing the manufacturer’s hype. You can take a look at what’s in products too, so that you can compare them, and work out what works best for you; give yourself every chance of getting the body you want.

Q&A With Malaysian and Singaporean Bodybuilding and Fitness Champions! Part One

09 Aug

Alright, so I thought, wouldn’t it be boring if readers just read stuff from my perspective? So I collected some questions from you, my dear readers on Fabodylous’ Facebook fan page and forwarded them to some local (Malaysian and Singaporean) bodybuilders and fitness competitors! So here is what they have to say. Enjoy and learn!! 🙂

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4 Weeks Out From Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012!

21 May

I must honestly say that I’m disappointed with my progress these last two weeks. Well, actually in these photos,  I was very watery cause I had a small and sugarless but very salty cheat meal a few hours before. However, I’m still expecting my watery 4 weeks out condition to be better than a dry 6 weeks out me. Other than what you see in the photos, I do feel a bit leaner, but not as lean as I want to be. But the good news is, I’m stronger. My personal deadlift record actually increased to 180kg x 2 reps. Yay!

Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012 photos

So, what now, right? What have I missed out? What have I done wrong? Am I to give up already? No! This is a learning process and I must get through this setback to continue progressing! I have reached the point where to lose additional fat, I must train and diet at a whole new level which my body isn’t accustomed to. Read more

6 Weeks Out From Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012!

09 May

So, 40 days left to the day I have shitloads of burgers, pasta and as much ice cream as I want go up against the best bodybuilders in Kuala Lumpur. Question is, am I on track to placing well against them?

Well, my progress during the eighth week out was slowed down by too many outings with friends but since seven weeks out, dieting and training is full speed ahead! I’ve never felt so motivated to train before. Now, most of my workouts are early in the day because as soon as I wake up, I’m just raring to hit the gym and lift some heavy ass weights!

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8 Weeks Out From Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012!

21 Apr

Hey guys, sorry for not posting much lately. NUS (National University of Singapore) just had its bi-annual Hell Week and I had to do my best to come out alive. Anyway, school is over for me and Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012 is just 8 weeks out and I’m really excited about it! It’s been two years since I’ve last stepped on a bodybuilding stage and I really miss the feeling!

Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012

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How To Look Younger: Tips For Aging Gracefully

03 Mar

How to Look Younger

Hi. My name is Ursula Pong and I was recently invited to join the team of bloggers at Fabodylous started by Lai Wee Kiat.

I am a High School Physical Education and Health teacher specializing in fitness and have been involved in the fitness industry for twenty plus years. I will be blogging primarily about fitness/health issues amongst the baby boomer population and create a platform for those interested in finding out information on how to age gracefully and how to move efficiently. This can be helpful for the younger generation too as you can share this information with your parents or relatives who are baby boomers and use this information to invest in your body and brain before you move in to your 40’s and 50’s. If you’re wondering why I am targeting the boomer population, it is because I am one myself as I turn 53 years old this year. I am still very active in the fitness scene having just competed in a couple of figure competitions in the last two years as well as going in to the boxing ring as an almost 50 year old. I also plan on competing in another figure competition this year. I am very passionate about inspiring fitness and changing lives through education regardless of age.
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My Best Weight Loss Supplement Stack

17 Feb

I guess I can say this is my best weight loss supplement stack… So far, that is. Using this stack I’m able to lose weight pretty fast (10kg in 8 weeks) and still maintain quite a lot of my strength (actually, I credit that to my radical new training style too, which I will blog about soon). Anyway, here’s the weight loss supplements I’m taking now and a brief explanation of why I’m taking them.

Best Weight Loss Supplement

This is my supplement STACK… literally. 😀

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Getting Ripped for 2012! – Phase Two

19 Jan
So, *ahem*announcer’s voice* if you’ve just joined us, let me update you. I have been dieting since 7th December 2011. Click here to view my previous diet.And up to 15th January 2012, I have lost 6kg (from 81kg to 75kg) and my waist went from slightly over 33″ (ouch) to 31.5″. Plus, my shoulder-to-waist ratio improved and my legs’ definition are starting to pop. Yup, long way to go, but it’s progress! 😀
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