Arnold & The 60s!

09 Jun

Most of us know about the Arnold Schwarzenegger and the 70s. Dominant. Alpha. The champion. By the end of the 70s, Arnold has already won seven Mr Olympia titles and his name is already held high and spoken about by people around the world! However, people tend to forget about the humble beginnings of the legendary Austrian Oak.

At the end of his bodybuilding career, Arnold had already won 7 Mr Olympia titles. However, what's more inspirational is how thing legendary champ came about.
At the end of his bodybuilding career, Arnold had already won 7 Mr Olympia titles. However, what’s more inspirational is how thing legendary champ came about.

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Lessons I’ve Learnt From My Contest Prep

19 May

As of now, I’m 8 days out from competing on the Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013 stage. And I don’t want to just post updates of how I’m doing and make things all about myself. I want to share my experience so that others may learn from it too. πŸ™‚ So here are 5 things I’ve learnt from this contest prep so far. I wish there were more, but hey, I’m on low carbs, so you’ll have to forgive me for not being able to think at 100% capacity.

Latest progress photo. I’m a lil leaner, but as you can see, smaller and more depleted. It’s ok. I can endure. Eight more days! Let’s go!

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My Most Motivational Counselling Ever!

11 Oct

Hey guys, something interesting happened just the other day and although I didn’t plan to make it a blog post, somehow, it turned out to be something which I think would be interesting to share. You see, I’m training a couple of guys and girls for an upcoming bodybuilding and fitness contest in Singapore, Muscle War 2013. Dieting starts next week because by then, it would be 12 weeks out. However, one of my girls is having doubts on whether she is able to stick with the 12 weeks diet plan. So, I have motivate her of course. Now, that’s not an easy job cause you can’t just force motivation into someone. It has to come from within that person. But wow, modestly speaking, I wasn’t sure how I did it, but it worked! Check out the conversation between us.

Most Motivational Counselling Ever

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Q&A With Malaysian and Singaporean Bodybuilding and Fitness Champions! Part One

09 Aug

Alright, so I thought, wouldn’t it be boring if readers just read stuff from my perspective? So I collected some questions from you, my dear readers on Fabodylous’ Facebook fan pageΒ and forwarded them to some local (Malaysian and Singaporean) bodybuilders and fitness competitors! So here is what they have to say. Enjoy and learn!! πŸ™‚

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The Voices In My Head

16 Jul

This might sound weird, but I actually have two voices in my head talking with each other constantly (I bet some of you have that too!). And how you live your life, make your decisions and how motivated are you will depend on this other voice talking to you.

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75-Year Old Female Bodybuilder, Ernestine Shepherd Still Going Strong

02 Jul

Ernestine Shepherd has gained tonnes of popularity over the net lately for being the world’s oldest female bodybuilder. So why is there so much buzz round her? Well, the obvious answer would be because it’s very VERRYYY rare to find a lady her age pumping iron. Like, duh.

Ernestine Shepherd

BUT, in my opinion, it’s not just the fact that she’s one-of-the-kind. It’s also because she’s pursuing an interest which she is most disadvantageous in and she’s kicking ass! Think about, what person would be most hormonal-ly and biologically advantaged to build muscle? It would be guys, of course AND a guy who is in his 20s. Ernestine is the total opposite of that! She’s a 75-year-old grandma!

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Top Three Excuses Not To Workout And How To Overcome Them

07 Jun

All of us have seen it many times. People who do not work out giving minor excuses for not making major changes to their body. Let’s admit it, if we really want to hit the gym a few times a week and improve our body composition, none of these excuses are valid reasons why we couldn’t. The only difference between people who do workout and those who don’t are that people who workout WANT to make the change in their body. They are not richer (not all, at least), have ample amount of free time and are hardcore bodybuilders. They are just normal, non-competitive, recreational gym-goers who find time a few times a week to push their body for improvements. They just have DESIRE that pushes harder than the difficulties that pushes them back.

Stupid Excuses Not to Workout

On the other hand, there are people who let the little roadblocks get in their way of obtaining a better body because, they are simply too lazy to jump over these roadblocks. They give excuses. Here’s a list of the top three least valid excuses I’ve heard from many people who came to me and say, “I actually want to workout, but…” Read more

Personal Training Info & FAQ

01 Oct
  • Personal Training – $100 per session (single session) or S$80 per session (minimum purchase of 10 sessions)
  • Online Training – S$25 per week (minimum purchase of 10 weeks)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a girl and I just want to be lean and fit. I don’t want to be bulky and masculine. Is your personal training services suitable for me?

I get this a lot. It’s a MYTH that ladies will get muscular if they weight train. The truth is, women don’t have the natural testosterone and genetic make up to be as muscular as men. Instead, you can expect to be stronger, leaner and sexier while still looking feminine if you weight train. And yes, I do tailor training programs for ladies too.

Personal Training For Women Singapore

Do you offer group training?

I don’t offer group training. However, I do offer buddy training, where I train you and a friend of yours at the same time for $120/session (total).

What exactly is online training?

Online training is where I will create a diet and training plan customized for you and guide you through it. I will also track your progress and make tweaks in the program along the way. Throughout the program, you could also ask me anything relevant to training, dieting and fitness in general. This training method is only recommended for intermediate trainees who have at least a few months of training experience under their belt.

I hate diets and I love food. Must I really go on a strict diet to see the results I want?

I love food too! However, nutrition is just as important as training if you want to see results in your physique. That being said, you don’t need to adhere to a strict diet to get results. Instead, I will provide guidelines. These guidelines will tell you what you should be eating most of the time and what foods to eat only occasionally. Lastly, eating healthy should be a lifestyle, not a temporary diet. If you take the first step to start eating healthier, soon it will become a habit and you won’t even feel like you’re on any diets.

Have questions which are not answered here? Just fill up the form below and ask away.

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