Natural Healings: Boost Your Body’s Self-Recovery Abilities!

21 Aug

Chiropractic is basically the realignment of the spinal column to fit the optimal position for nerve signalling, organ function and pain relief. As the spine is the main highway for nerve signals to the entire body, this implies a lot of things. Firstly, if your spine isn’t in its proper position, your spinal nerves could be pinched, restricting your nervous system’s function and causing other ailments.

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So how does chiropractic help us fitness lovers in our pursuit for a better body? If you know how the muscle-building process works, you would know that when we’re pushing our physical limits in the gym, we’re actually breaking down our muscles. And when we eat and sleep, our bodies fix themselves, repairing the muscle damage and making it stronger. Chiropractic treatments can adjust the body to its most natural and optimal musculoskeletal position, allowing optimal mobility and recovery. Read more

Why You Should Avoid Herbalife’s Fit Club Like A Plague

26 Jul

So recently I noticed tonnes of people spam promoting this thing called Fit Club on Facebook. And I even received a flyer at my doorstep. Fit Club is a mass outdoor training group created by Herbalife and promoted by their distributors. Here’s one of their flyers.

Fit Club Scam

Before I go on to explain why anyone who really wants to get into their best shape should avoid Fit Club, I’m going to give credit to Herbalife/Fit Club because despite everything I feel wrong about them, they have actually achieved something. Read more

Why Massages Are So Awesome!

24 Jul

So it was pre-contest period, 1-4 weeks from Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013. And how was I feeling? Like crap! Back’s aching, neck’s stiff and I had a tough time sleeping every night. Well, thank goodness for the existence of massages! After a good, relaxing deep-tissue massage to loosen up those muscle fibres, BAM, I just fall on bed, snoring away to a good night’s sleep.




In all honesty, massages can really help us athletes who push our body to its limits. Remember, recovery is just as important as training. The muscles you break down in the gym, you must let it rest and recover when you’re out of the gym. Here are some other benefits of massages. Read more

Personal Update – November 2012

11 Nov

Hey all, thanks for sticking by and coming back to my blog, even though it’s pretty dead this month. Haha. To summarize my training and progress, it’s probably the same as my blog – dead. I stumbled upon a few setbacks in my bodybuilding journey this month, but I will definitely overcome it. There’s no way I’m gonna let these little things stop me from being the best I can be during Mr Malaysia 2013!

The biggest problem I’m encountering now is chronic diarrhea. This has affected my appetite and digestion, thus I’m unable to eat enough to grow. I’ll be seeing a doctor soon to have that checked. Other than that, schoolwork and exams are piling up, and it’s taking a toll one my mind and motivation. Yea, sucks. Lastly, I just sustained a minor injury recently in my right abdominal muscles. Still hurts. Ouch. Weight wise, I’m still about 85kg, but looking a bit leaner compared to my last update.

Thankfully, there’s a silver lining behind this cloud. I’ve found someone. Someone who keeps me company and motivates me. Someone who loves me and encourages me to fight on. Someone who is in love with fitness and bodybuilding as much as I am. And that’s her right there. 🙂 The photo is blur, but don’t worry, there’ll be better ones to come.

Lai Wee Kiat Bodybuilder

Oh yea, lastly, I’m gonna graduate soon and I’ll be giving personal training lessons. So, if you want me to help you achieve your fitness and physique goals, click here for details and to contact me.

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The Real Issues with Getting a Tan

24 Oct


There are a number of ways to darken the tone of your skin including natural tanning, through exposing your skin to sunlight, and also via unnatural means like using sunbeds which emit ultraviolet radiation to produce a cosmetic tan. While these methods are included in the category of ‘real tanning’, there are also techniques of faking a tan in which special lotions, sprays and Melanotan injections are used to alter the tone of your skin. Read more

The Dark Knight Rises Review

05 Aug

If you enjoy a movie even during the second time you watched it, then you know it’s awesome! That’s how I felt about Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Imma big fan of Christopher and his works. This guy never directs an ordinary movie. It’s never an ordinary “good guy finds his superpowers, then faces an evil force, fights him, beats him and gets the girl” movie. It’s always something new, mindfucking and awesome! Read on for my review of The Dark Knight Rises. Be careful, some spoilers ahead. So it’s not safe for those who have not watched it yet.

The Dark Knight Rises Review Read more

Honoured Seven

03 Aug

Today, I just witnessed the ugly and misleading side of journalism. If you guys are lost about what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the story titled “Shamed Seven” which appeared on the front page of Singapore’s The New Paper recently. Click here for a summary of the story.

Let’s start with the part that bothers me the most – the title, “Shamed Seven”. “Shamed”, what kind of people does this word describes accurately? Wife beaters. Pedophiles. Rapists. Human traffickers. Gangbangers. You certainly DON’T use the word “shamed” on seven guys who embody the dreams of many men who workout hard in the gym and watch their diet closely to achieve what these men have achieve. These seven men are looked up to by many fans and friends. They’re inspirational to many. And most of all, they work their ass off, dedicating time, effort and money while putting off many enjoyments of life to be the best in their field. In doing so, did they hurt anyone? I don’t think so. In fact, it’s more accurate to say they have a POSITIVE impact on society. So let’s get this straight –  These men are certainly NOT shamed.

Steroids in Singapore Bodybuilding Read more

Clear Up Your Acne!

26 Jul

I have a confession to make – I’m having wayyy to much chocolate for my own good. Serious. And my skin is paying the price for it. The saying that the condition of your skin correlates with the “cleanliness” of your diet is VERY true. When I was eating only lean meat, veggies, nuts and healthy oils, my skin was close to clear (I’m quite acne prone, so it wasn’t completely clear).

Clear Up Your Acne Read more

Support Fabodylous at the 2012 Singapore Blog Awards!

28 May

So, just for fun, I signed up Fabodylous for the 2012 Singapore Blog Awards a month ago and just last week, a friend of mine messaged me “Congratulations Wee Kiat! You got into the top ten!”. Yay! I guess to me, that’s already an achievement because there were like, about a hundred bloggers who signed up for the category I got shortlisted for.

BUT this is just the beginning! From now until 31st June, you guys can help me nab the top spot for my category, “Best Individual Blog”!

All you have to do is to go to the link below

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sign up for an account and vote for me! Currently, I’m leading in votes. But it’s a long way to go until voting period ends. So help me stay on top! 🙂 Singapore Blog Awards 2012

For those who are curious, what do I stand to win, it’s a 4D3N trip to Macau! *excited* also sent me an e-interview, and here it goes. Read more

The Ultimate Sanctuary For Men

22 May

So you bulked up and then went on a diet to get absolutely shredded. Your abs resemble a washboard, your shirt snugs tightly over your round deltoids with your huge guns hanging proudly beneath them. So, you have the whole alpha package, right?

What does this photo of Megan has to do with this post? Absolutely nothing! But it got your attention, right?

But wait, how about your skin, both facial and body? Is it as smooth and blemish-free as it should be? And your body may look great on the outside, but is it healthy on the inside? Well, why not have both the ripped body and the dashing, refined look to turn heads wherever you go? While you’re at it, why not pamper yourself too? And I know just the place for you guys to get all these! Read more