Why You Should Never “Dirty Bulk”

07 Jul


Should I Dirty Bulk


Dirty bulk is vaguely defined as building muscle aggressively without any caring about how much fat you’ll gain along the way. Some people do it. And others prefer “lean bulking”, which means gaining muscle mass with minimal fat gain. I’m against dirty bulking. In my opinion, if you’re a bodybuilder, your goals are always to build or maintain as much muscle mass as possible while losing or maintaining as little fat as possible. It’s just that when you’re bulking, building muscle mass takes top priority and when you’re cutting, you focus on losing fat. However, you never totally abandon a goal while focusing on the other. Read more

Xtreme Gold’s Gym Jurong Review

18 Feb

When describing a gym, there are many fancy words which could be used – well-equipped, conducive, etc. But there’s one word which says it all for Xtreme Gold’s Gym Jurong, and that word is EXTREME. Read on to find out why.

#1 EXTREME Bodybuilding

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Xtreme has a line-up of personal trainers which resembles the Singapore dream team of bodybuilding. Their directors, Lex Tan and Shahanizar bin Johar (also known as Shah) have a long list of local bodybuilding victories. Shah alone has won 7 local bodybuilding titles, including 2012 Muscle War and 2011 HomeTeamNS bodybuilding contest. More recently, one of Xtreme’s trainers, Dex Tey dominated the stage at Muscle War 2014 to win both the tertiary and men’s open titles! So now you should ask yourself, “Should I train with these guys who pitted themselves against the best and came out on top, or someone who doesn’t have first-hand experience in building the most alpha body ever?”

#2 EXTREME Experience

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All personal trainers at Xtreme have a long list of fitness qualifications and years of experience in the fitness industry and sport. Whatever your fitness needs are, you’re in good hands with Team Xtreme.

#3 EXTREME Variety


Sick of your normal training regime? At Xtreme Gold’s Gym, you have access to a huge array of training equipment including free weights, conventional gym equipments, medicine balls, spinning bikes, cardio equipment, boxing equipment, TRX and ropes.

#4 EXTREME Results

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Click here to check out what people are saying about their training experience at Xtreme Gold’s Gym!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a gym, give Xtreme Gold’s Gym a try!

Xtreme Gold’s Gym, 2 International Business Park

The Strategy #01-05 Singapore 609930

Tel: 90255248 / 97948193

Website: www.sgxtremefitness.com

Lessons I’ve Learnt From My Contest Prep

19 May

As of now, I’m 8 days out from competing on the Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013 stage. And I don’t want to just post updates of how I’m doing and make things all about myself. I want to share my experience so that others may learn from it too. 🙂 So here are 5 things I’ve learnt from this contest prep so far. I wish there were more, but hey, I’m on low carbs, so you’ll have to forgive me for not being able to think at 100% capacity.

Latest progress photo. I’m a lil leaner, but as you can see, smaller and more depleted. It’s ok. I can endure. Eight more days! Let’s go!

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Q&A With Malaysian and Singaporean Bodybuilding and Fitness Champions! Part One

09 Aug

Alright, so I thought, wouldn’t it be boring if readers just read stuff from my perspective? So I collected some questions from you, my dear readers on Fabodylous’ Facebook fan page and forwarded them to some local (Malaysian and Singaporean) bodybuilders and fitness competitors! So here is what they have to say. Enjoy and learn!! 🙂

Malaysian And Singaporean Bodybuilders Read more

Kettlebell Training: Simple Yet Effective

11 Jul

People are often under the impression that to get fit you need to invest in expensive gym memberships, weight loss supplements and high end sports gear. Well this is simply not true. Kettlebell training requires nothing apart from your trainers, a decent personal trainer who can set you off on the right foot with a tailored programme and a kettlebell which you can buy online for as little as £11.99 and that’s literally it.

kettlebell training

Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebell training is designed to increase strength, endurance and overall fitness using dynamic movements using the kettlebell itself. A kettlebell is a basically a ball with a handle and ranges in weight from 5lbs all the way up to 100lbs.

How Do Kettlebells Work?

Kettlebells are especially effective because of the way you use them. A general work out consists of holding the kettlebell with either one or two hands and either swinging or pulling the kettlebell in a way that forces the body to stabilise the core. Because of the way you move with the kettlebell you engage all muscles surrounding the core too, hence giving you maximum results.

Once you have been shown how to use a kettlebell safely and effectively you can then buy kettlebells online @ www.fitness-mad.com and carry on your work out at home! Give kettlebells a try – I dare you!

Maximum Muscle From Hard Training and Balanced Nutrition

06 Jul

When you have been weight training for a while you can often go through a period where you are not making any progress. Progress can mean many things to those involved in weight training but most commonly progress would be perceived as an increase in size and strength. In order to take your bodybuilding regime to the next level you need to make some important changes to your diet and workout plan.


Balanced Nutrition

Size and strength through weight training can be maintained through a healthy balanced diet. However in order to make progress you may require some extra supplements to increase your chances of achieving the physique you have always wanted. Monster Supplements have an excellent list of products in their range of supplements which can assist you in gaining muscle, increasing strength and shredding that unwanted fat. Many of these supplements can be used together so anyone wishing to obtain a muscular and toned body can achieve this by having access to right nutrition.

Workout Plan

Weight Training for Maximum Muscle

Nutrition is a massive part of bodybuilding. However your diet needs run alongside a great workout programme. You should probably change your programme every 4 – 6 weeks and employ different techniques such as Pyramid Training, Drop Sets and High Volume Training such as the training method Charles Poliquin of Canada has promoted.

6 Weeks Out From Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012!

09 May

So, 40 days left to the day I have shitloads of burgers, pasta and as much ice cream as I want go up against the best bodybuilders in Kuala Lumpur. Question is, am I on track to placing well against them?

Well, my progress during the eighth week out was slowed down by too many outings with friends but since seven weeks out, dieting and training is full speed ahead! I’ve never felt so motivated to train before. Now, most of my workouts are early in the day because as soon as I wake up, I’m just raring to hit the gym and lift some heavy ass weights!

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