Advice For Newbies In Fitness

11 Nov

Everytime I step into the gym, I see a few newbies (usually teenagers or senior citizens) who is performing an exercise which they self-invented with horrible form and incomplete reps. And it freaks me out to see them perform six-inch squats, bouncing bench presses or full-body swaying barbell curls. All I can think is, “He’s gonna tear something someday”.

Before I continue, I hope you guys don’t think that I’m looking down on newbies. I’m happy to see youngsters take interest in the sport and hobby which I fell in love with 12 year ago. BUT, if you newbies keep on performing exercises with incorrect form, you might get yourself injured in the process and you’re probably gonna not see any results and waste your time in gym. So here is my number one tip to anyone who wants to step foot in the realms of fitness – SEEK KNOWLEDGE. Simple as that. And here are a few ways to do so.

#1 The Internet Is Your Friend

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14 Weeks Out From Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013

20 Feb

Here we go again! It’s pre-contest dieting time! I’ve been waiting for this time since Mr Kuala Lumpur last year where I placed 2nd in the welterweight category. Ever since, I felt so motivated to train harder and diet stricter to win my category and hopefully, the overall title too. After my dieting experience last year, I’ve learnt a lot about my body and how it responses to different dieting ratios and carb cycling styles. Plus, I had a good off season and have more muscle compared to last year, 14 weeks out from Mr KL 2012. Thus, I’m expecting myself to show up with a very much improved package and hopefully, that will be enough to steal the show. Here are my 14 weeks out photos.

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Healthy Homemade Burger Patties and Sweet Potato Chips!

23 Jan

Hey guys, sorry for not updating my blog for awhile now. The reason was because WordPress just upgraded and there were some glitches which prevented me from posting anything. Anyway, now that the problem has been fixed, I’m gonna blog about my latest experiment in the kitchen! Today, we’re making handmade hamburgers and sweet potato chips. First, let’s start with the sweet potato chips.

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Muscle Pharm Casein Review

09 Sep

Before I made the switch to Muscle Pharm Casein, I was using the casein supplement probably most people out there are using – Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein. And I was a pretty loyal user too. But right now, I’m using Muscle Pharm Casein and probably will be sticking to it for a long time… unless something better comes about, of course.  So what made me make the switch? Read on to find out why.

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Predator Caffeine Boosts Testosterone and Increases Sprint Performances

04 Aug

Caffeine Performance

It’s no secret that caffeine helps to keep you awake and alert, which is great for when you’re feeling a little tired or in need of a pick-me-up at work. However, research undertaken in New Zealand has set out to try and prove that caffeine-rich products such as coffee can do much more than just keep you awake for longer. The study wanted to see if a pre-workout drink of something rich in caffeine would help as much as using supplements from Predator Nutrition. Read more

Bad Boys: Photo Shoot by Malaysia Muscle

24 Jul

I just simply love this concept, thought of by Malaysia Muscle page owner, Shukri Ramli! This shoot is taken with my buddy who recently placed 3rd in the junior category of Mr Malaysia, Ahmad Faiz. He’s hardworking, humble, has really good genes and I see plenty of potential in him! Too bad during this shoot, I was already enjoying tonnes of good Malaysian food, so I wasn’t in shape! But thank goodness the photos turned out alright. Still, I’m gonna plan my photo shoots nearer to competition dates next time. Enjoy! 🙂

Art Director – Shukri Ramli
Photographer & Lighting – Meor Faisha
Asst. Photographer – Mie Sai
Models – Lai Wee Kiat & Ahmad Faiz
Location – Kompleks Rakan Muda Puchong
Date – 18 July 2012

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