The Voices In My Head

This might sound weird, but I actually have two voices in my head talking with each other constantly (I bet some of you have that too!). And how you live your life, make your decisions and how motivated are you will depend on this other voice talking to you.


Healthy Meal Alternatives!

So, you woke up at 9am, you’ve yet to bathe or eat anything, traffic’s building up and your class/work starts at 9.30am, what do you do? Well, I can’t give you any shortcuts about the bathing part, but here’s what you can do about getting in enough nutrients in the minimum amount of time!


Kettlebell Training: Simple Yet Effective

People are often under the impression that to get fit you need to invest in expensive gym memberships, weight loss supplements and high end sports gear. Well this is simply not true. Kettlebell training requires nothing apart from your trainers, a decent personal trainer who can set you off on the right foot with a […]


Post-Mr KL Food Trip!!

Warning: This post contains explicit photos of delicious, sugar-laden and carb-rich foods. DO NOT VIEW if you’re currently on a strict diet! 🙂 I wish I could look the way I do now all year round. In fact, I’m already controlling my diet starting from 3 days after competing. My aim is to gain as […]