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     Hi, I’m Wee Kiat. I’m a bodybuilder and personal trainer with 12 years experience. I’m also Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013, the youngest ever at 22. Bodybuilding and fitness has been my lifelong passion and lifestyle and I find no greater pleasure than to coach others how to live healthily and fit.

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Q: I have been training for many years, busting my ass in the gym yet I’m not any stronger, more muscular or leaner than when I started. Why?

A: Lack of proper knowledge of training and dieting. Many people have the simple mindset of “Lift more weights, eat more protein, don’t eat junk food”. I’m sorry, but your body is a much more complex organism and you have to do more than that. You need to know how to train properly with the right exercises, frequency, volume and weight and follow the right diet for YOUR body type and goal if you ever want to build muscle or burn fat.

Personal Trainer Singapore
Posing with Steve Cook, world-famous professional fitness model and spokesperson.

Q: But I’m not like you! I don’t want to be a competitive bodybuilder. I just want to be lean and fit. And can you train women too?

A: I get this a lot. However, many bodybuilding principles can be applied to everyone with different goals, men or women. It basically boils down to two processes – building muscle and burning fat. Want to be huge? We’ll focus on bulking up. Want to be lean? We’ll focus on weight loss. Want abs? We’ll build those abs. Want a tight butt? We’ll work that ass! 😉

Personal Training Singapore
My personal transformation from 15% body fat to a ripped 4% body fat, which got me a runner up position in the Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012 Bodybuilding Championships.
personal training services singapore
… and finally becoming the overall champion of Mr Kuala Lumpur in 2013!

Q: But personal training is so expensive! Is it worth it?

A: Fair question. Personal training isn’t just a person counting your reps and shouting “Push! Push!”. It’s an investment. It’s education. I bet you have seen people who have been working out for plenty of years and still look the same and carry the same weights. That’s because they didn’t learn the right training and dieting techniques from the start! And because of that, they’ve wasted loads of time, effort and maybe even money spending on the wrong supplements!

Personal Training Singapore Weight Loss
Check out the transformation of one of my clients whom I’ve help prepare for a bodybuilding contest, Vagisa. He eventually placed runner-up in his first contest, Mr Singapore 2013. I’ve never seen more discipline in a teenager before. And he’s only 17!
Fitness Trainer Singapore Build Muscle
Another of my clients, James, who has lost 5% bodyfat within 2 months. He also gained tonnes of strength and is extremely motivated to achieve his dream physique! Will be posting photos of him ripped soon!

Q: I’ve decided to hire a personal trainer. So why you?

A: I charge the same as most personal trainers but I offer twice the value. As I’ve mentioned earlier, you want to gain knowledge from personal training, not just someone to accompany you in the gym. When you train with me, you get:

  • Specialized training program that fit your goals and current fitness condition.
  • Easy-to-follow yet effective nutrition advice that fits your lifestyle.
  • Supplement advice that fits your goals and budget.
  • Motivation and focus techniques that will push through those tough exercises and diet days.
  • Noticeable results within 2-4 weeks.
  • Ask me anything about training, dieting or fitness, 24/7 on Whatsapp or Facebook.

Plus, I’m not just anybody. I’m a competitive bodybuilder. If I want to keep on winning, it’s a must for me to stay updated with the latest researches and discoveries of the fitness world. And all that knowledge will be passed on to you.

Personal Training Singapore
It was an awesome learning experience training with Charles Glass, world-famous personal trainer of hundreds of professional bodybuilders, fitness competitors and athletes!
Personal Training in Singapore
Interviewing Ronnie Coleman, 8-times Mr Olympia and the most successful bodybuilder in the history of the sport! He’s huge!!

So if you’ve made up your mind and you’re ready to transform your body into the physique you’ve always wanted, just fill up the form below!

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